BTN – Banking Royal Commission

What consequences do you think there should be for the banks that did the wrong thing?

Instructions for Year 5/6 students doing this as a home learning requirement:

Responses need to:

  • Be 30 words or more
  • Include more than one consequence
  • Include an explanation of why you think your consequences are appropriate
  • Be submitted by Tuesday, 8 May 2018 @ 9 am.

91 thoughts on “BTN – Banking Royal Commission

  1. I think ripping us of is terrible cause they just take our money and we have to work for it.I think they steal our money cause they cant afford to pay people.

  2. i think this is really bad because people are loosing money for things they never have done. they also should be be paying back the money they took from the people.

  3. I think banks have been ripping customers offer and have been very ‘Dodgy’, they should be fined for misleading people’s loans and e.t.c. I also think that all of the executives that are guilty should be fired and put replacements that are trusted. I also think that all of the money that has been stolen should be returned.

  4. I think that banks that are doing the wrong thing should be fined themselves. They should divide the amount of money they stole evenly from the people and pay the amount they got. The banks should be sued or dismissed. I think that these consequences are reasonable because they are giving back the money they stole and giving it back to the people.

  5. I think ripping us off is terrible because we don’t get our money back and it is shocking they should go to jail only bosses though no good and just bad thankyou

  6. I think that this video definetely highlites some key points as they are ripping us off for owning credit cards and I feel as if its crazy that you have to pay even if they have passed away as to even own a credit card and make you pay for something that you may not have asked for or even bought and I know that there are good workers so you shouldn’t shut down the operation or jail but maybe the government should keep a closer eye on them and sue the bank that is responcible and even some more puneshments I think that these are appropriate puneshments because people work hard to get money and the bank is responcible for they money going missing thanks.

  7. I think most people put in lots of hours and work really hard for their money, for the banks to be so dishonest to people it is terrible. Another consequence is that a lot of people are going broke because of the bank’s lying. The CEO’s and decision makers should be punished for putting people in the position.

  8. I think it is unfair and irresponsible that the banks gave customers misleading advice.
    They should be punished for taking advantage of innocent customers by losing their jobs and paying back the money that they wrongfully took. They lost peoples trust and they should earn it back by paying less fees and controlling better who they have working for them.

  9. We need to be able to put our trust in the government that is why we elect them. They need to rise to the occasion and show us we can trust them. They can do this by following the law and enforcing criminal chargers and fines where appropriate. They also need to look at policies and procedures to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Australians seem to have lost our faith in the big companies or business. This has gone on for a long time and we feel as though we can’t do anything about it.

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