Mystery Word 3 – Solution

Congratulations to Sofia (5/6 SC) for being the first to submit this week’s mystery word:
Thanks to our Mystery Word experts, Jamie (1/2 CK) and Isabelle, here is their list of other words you could have constructed:

are, art, age, ago, auto, author, aver, avert, ear, earth, oat, oar, out, our, outer, ought, ogre, other, over, overt, outage, outrage, hover, hear, heat, hero, heart, hare, have, hart, hurt, hate, hater, hog, hot, hat, hug, hue, hour, rat, rot, roe, rove, rag, rue, rave, rage, rate, rogue, rough, route, rouge, the, tag, true, tar, tear, tar, tore, thou, tour, trough, tough, tougher, vote, voter, goat, gate, grate, great, gave, grave, gear, gore, grove, get, got, grot, gout & grout.


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