Mystery Word 4

Can you find FIVE words from this week’s letters?

Record your five words in the comments section.

The first person who enters five words containing the “mystery word” will go into the running for this term’s scbtblog prize.

Words need to be submitted by 5pm on Friday, 11 May 2018


  • Each contestant must enter five words exactly to be in the running to win
  • Only one entry per day is accepted. 
  • Only words containing 3 letters or more will be accepted
  • Each word must be spelt correctly
  • Each letter can only be used once (unless the letter appears more than once in the sequence of letters)
  • The first person who submits a list of five words containing the mystery word will be declared the winner
  • Plurals (adding s) is allowed (as long as there is an s in the group of letters given)
  • No names are accepted.

42 thoughts on “Mystery Word 4

  1. My Five Words are:
    1. Onshore
    2. Snored
    3. Rushed
    4. Honours
    5. Resound

  2. our ours odour odours ode odes one ones ore ores ored
    use used user under usher undo urn urns
    end ends eon eons
    duo duos due dues dune dunes door doors doe does dose doser done donor donors doer don dons den dens dosh douse
    rush rushed rude red rose rune runes run runs ruse rused rue rues rued rud rod rods redo round rounds rouse roused roe roes roo roos
    nor nod nods neo node nodes nose nosed
    hue hues hued her hers hoe hoes hoed hose hosed horse horsed house housed hero hood hoon hoons hooned horn horns horned honour honours honoured hound hounds hour hours herd
    sore send soon sooner sure snore snored sun son shoe she sue sued shun shed shore shoo shone sour soured sound

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