BTN – Budget 2018

Instructions for Year 5/6 students doing this as a home learning requirement:

Responses need to:

  • Be 30 words or more
  • Explain how the budget affects you. Why is it important?
  • Be submitted by Tuesday, 15 May 2018 @ 9 am.

46 thoughts on “BTN – Budget 2018

  1. it is so bad some people don’t even know its happening and its not all going to the right place and then getting wasted and spent like kicking sand all over the place. budgets like this are unfair and really annoying for not using your budget in the right way.

    • Hello Harrison,
      Thanks for your comment, but you haven’t really answered, “How the budget will affect YOU?”.

  2. I think our budget affects me because we need to stay in our budget or we’ll be in debt and that’s not good. Our budget is so important because if we don’t have a budget we’ll keep on spending money and be in great debt. So we need to stay in our budgets so we aren’t in debt. Our budget is VERY important. We need to be critical about what we do with the money we have!

  3. I think that the budget helps everyone in all different ways:
    Health – helps improve hospital facilities which we may or may not need to use.
    Welfare – helps people you don’t have enough income.
    Defence – Armies- to help make Australia and other countries safer.
    Education – helps with facilitates for schools that we go to.
    Environment – helps improve parks and reduce pollution.

  4. The budget affects my mum and dads business by deciding how much money they give to the government by way of taxes. How much money my parents have left, inpacts how much they have left on personal things.

  5. In my opinion, I think it would be hard to juggle all of Australia’s expenses, but, if I were in the Treasurers shoes, I would want to put more money into education and let Australia stay in Debt a bit longer. I also know that some rightful pensioners are not getting the money they need. Therefore, can not pay bills or expenses needed to keep their land.

  6. The budget is the government saying what they are going to do with the money that they collect from us. Governments let everyone know how they use the money from the budget; like for the Great Barrier Reef and education.
    I am affected by the budget because of health, education and environment. Health because if I get sick I’ll need to go to the hospital. Education because I go to school and if the founding was cut, then I wouldn’t learn. Environment because if all the trees died, the air wouldn’t be as good as it would be with trees.

  7. I think the federal budget affects me because when the Government collects the money from taxes they need to choose wisely what to spend. When the Government makes the the wrong decision on what to spend, it will affect most people. The Government has to be very cautious with our money because if they don’t take responsibility for our money then our country will be in debt.

    The Government divides up the federal budget similarly each year but sometimes they change how they spend depending on what is needed at the time. It first goes welfare for elderly and people who are unemployed. Then health care which costs quite a lot of money from the federal budget, then education, defence, disaster relief, local councils and paying of Australia’s debt.

    If they don’t spend wisely and they need to borrow money. Then we will be in debt. When we are in debt it means we have used all our money in our budget and we need to borrow more money. Debt is not a good thing at all, when you are in debt it means that you have to pay back the money as well as interest.

    Money affects me and my family because we need money to buy food, to pay for our education, to sometimes pay for transport, to go to some places and many more things in our daily life. Overall money is very important in most people’s daily life to do things we need to do.

  8. One way that the recent budget affects me, is that the Government is creating $24.5 billion to go towards the Quality Schools package over the next 10 years.
    This is important to me because the money will go towards improving schools and providing better facilities. Hopefully all schools and students in Australia will benefit.

  9. I think the budget effects me because when the money from all the taxes around Australia are collected the government hasnto choose what to do with it. When the government makes the right decision with all the money everyone is happy. But if the wrong decision is made then it effects the whole nation and Australia will be in great detb.

  10. I think that having different budgets will affect how much you spend and the higher your budget is the more you can spend and been in debt is bad because we own others money and if we don’t pay them back we will even be more in debt. And changing the percent of tax will affect how much I spend because things might cost more or less.

  11. I think the budgets affect me because when the government collects the taxes they have to make a decision about what/how they are going to spend the money, if they spend it wisely then we can have more money to ourself to spend it on things we desperately need, but if they blow their budgets and spend more money they divided up that could mean that it’s a possibility we would have to pay more money to the government which would most likely make us in dept and not the government in deficit!

    • You’re right Sienna. Balancing the budget is a difficult task and we rely on our government to get it right. Let’s hope they do!

  12. I think that the budget affects me because if the people in government make the wrong decision funding for schools could be cut down and then my education might be affected because I might not be provided with the materials I need to learn.The budget is important because everyone needs a fair share of money to afford to live.

    • Some of the money we have to spend at school comes from parents, but most of it comes from the government. So the amount the government spends on schools has an impact on how many books, computers etc we can buy.

  13. My one is like Caitlin because I agree with her.

    The budget effects me and my family because if the government takes my money and it goes all around Australia they actually have to choose what to do with the money. If the government does the wrong thing everyone is mad at the government so it’s kind of unfair.

  14. The budget is a document that explains how the government spends its money that it collects from businesses and people’s taxes.
    The budget effects me because the government is paying for health care, so everyone can have access to a doctor and medical attention when it is needed.
    It also effects me because the government are funding money to schools so they can build facilities and more equipment so the school can educate us better.
    The budget is important because the budget helps us with many things like being able to go see a doctor with out worrying about paying money and they also pay for welfare so the older people can live in a home where people can help them with their struggles. Also the budge helps us build the homes for the older people, because the government fund a lot of money to build the homes for all the people that need to stay there.

  15. I think the budget effects me because when the government makes a bad or good decision of what to do with the taxes in Australia it effects all of Australia. It also effects me how they put money towards schools and health which is very important. The budget effects everyone in Australia a different way.

  16. I think that the Budget effects me because it all our money from the taxes going to be put in another persons hand and choose what they would like to do with all the money because it could go to…
    – Defence

    I think that sometimes the government does make a good decisions most of the time and it feels good when you know that all that money has gone to a good cause.

  17. I think the Australian federal government budget affects me because all the money the government gets from GST and our taxes that money what they do affects us because if he uses it on stuff we don’t need and that will not affect us it will make the people angry because they are paying taxes and the governments are spending it on what won’t be necessary, but in a positive when they do we get the stuff that us and or family need like funding for people who are disable to work.

    When the government divides up the budget it can vary from year to year depending on what our problems are and what is most important judging on what the people need, and the most goes towards elderly and there funding and then to health and welfare but they can vary every year depending on what happens in the world and how the economy is going.

    Money affects me and my family because they need money to live so we have food and they pay for a good education and other necessities and extras things that we want, money also affects my family very much, but it also overall affects everyone very much and more so what the government does with there money affects us even more

    I also think that the government needs to be carful on how much they spend and on what because going over the budget a little bit in each area can lead to Australia being in a lot of debt and if Australia is in debt taxes will go higher, that why the government has a big job and decision to make for the people.

    • Thanks for sharing Lucas. It is an interesting point that you finish on. It’s true, governments do need to watch how much debt they get into. Because the more they owe, the more likely they’d need to raise taxes.

  18. The budget affects everyone as everyone has different interests. How it affects me is if the government was to focus its spending on different areas I would prefer the focus to be on things such as education, which is important to children like me, so that we get the right education to help our future. I would also like them to focus on healthcare such as hospitals to help those who are sick as well as welfare so that we can support people that are less fortunate than we are.
    Raising taxes would not be a good idea as that means that my parents would not get as much money, which means that they would less and does not help the economy.

    • You are right Chloe, the budget does affect everyone. Raising taxes are never popular, but without it, we wouldn’t have services such as schools and hospitals. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Some positive effects it can have on me is that if the Government budget is used on things like health and education it can help schools like ours get equipment to help me learn and it can help hospitals do further research on illnesses so they can heal us when we are sick. if the government don’t spend the budget on important things it can have a negative effect on our lives and we could be in serious debt.

    • Yes, Olivia. It’s a difficult task to manage the budget so that everyone gets what they need, without creating too much debt.

  20. The budget is important to me because it allows me to go to the doctors when I am sick, play in the parks, drive on the roads, they look after our environment and helps me to get an education. When the Government overspends, it leaves the country in debt. It will affect all of the above for me, so it is important that we have to vote for the right politicians to balance the budget so we don’t have to pay more tax.

  21. If the government keeps on spending more money than it recives from taxes, by the time I’m at a working age I will be helping to pay of the debt, whitch isn’t a good thing!
    Education is very important and therefor the government spending more on education hopefully means that there will be more money to upgrade school equipment and main tain the buildings.
    Finally, protecting the great barrier reef will mean I and one day, hopefully, my kids will enjoy the reef for a long time to come.

  22. The budget affects me when the government focuses on stuff like welfare, which people need to know about later in their lives. I would rather the government put more money into education which people need the most, because it’s the first step to having a happy and successful life. In my opinion it’s the most important of all.

    The budget is important because it is the government’s plan on how they are going to spend the money from our taxes. The money goes to a lot of things like welfare, education, defence, and the environment.

    In this budget the government has said that they will spend more money on The Great Barrier Reef and education. They are also going to offer tax cuts to people who pay tax.

  23. How does the budget affect me?
    The budget consist of welfare, defence, health, education and the environment.
    I think education is one of the most important for me because I need to got to school to learn how to read ,write and more. If the government didn’t have money there would not be buildings, teachers and equipment to help me learn.
    The next thing I think would affect me is health, if the government didn’t pay for buildings, doctors, nurse and equipment I wouldn’t have had my surgery.
    The next would be the environment if we did not have parks or reserves I could not play sport. They give money to regulate keeping the air clean, rubbish collection, trees being planted and water kept clean.
    With welfare if my grandparents need help they will be supplied money and anything else they need to live a long healthy life . Also they help disadvantage family’s with money and housing until they get back on there feet.
    We need defence so our country can stay safe.

  24. The budget affects me in many ways.
    The welfare budget affects me because my grandmother has a pension so she can look after my great grandmother.If she didn’t have this pension it would mean she couldn’t look after my great grandmother and it would affect how much she sees us.

    The defence budget affects me by making Australia a safe place to live in with no wars.

    The environmental budget helps me to live in a country who looks after its environment .

    The heath budget gives my family medical support if we need it.

    The education budget affects me because it gives me a better education.

  25. I think the budget would affect me and my family because if the government choses to take the money they have the right to chose its purpose. If the government makes a poor decision on the use of the money they have collected it would be quite a disappointment since it would not be a far decision for the country.

  26. The Budget affects me because I am a student. This means without money from the government I cannot have an education.

  27. It affects me because I am Australian student. I go to School everyday, if I get sick I go to the doctors or hospital, the police protect us everyday. All of these services are possible because of the government and the budget

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