Mystery Word 4 – Solution

I did think that nobody was going to get this week’s Mystery Word, but in the end, somebody did get it. Congratulations to Alexis (5/6 SC) for being the first to submit this week’s mystery word. She will win this week’s Golden Raffle Ticket

Thanks to our Mystery Word experts, Jamie (1/2 CK) and his mum Isabelle for again supplying us with all of the possible words:

our, ours, odour, odours, ode, odes, one, ones, ore, ores, ored, use, used, user, under, usher, undo, urn, urns, end, ends, eon, eons, duo, duos, due, dues, dune, dunes, door, doors, doe, does, dose, doser, done, donor, donors, doer, don, dons, den, dens, dosh, douse, rush, rushed, rude, red, rose, rune, runes, run, runs, ruse, rused, rue, rues, rued, rud, rod, rods, redo, round, rounds, rouse, roused, roe, roes, roo, roos, nor, nod, nods, neo, node, nodes, nose, nosed, hue, hues, hued, her, hers, hoe, hoes, hoed, hose, hosed, horse, horsed, house, housed, hero, hood, hoon, hoons, hooned, horn, horns, horned, honour, honours, honoured, hound, hounds, hour, hours, herd, sore, send, soon, sooner, sure, snore, snored, sun, son, shoe, she, sue, sued, shun, shed, shore, shoo, shone, sour, soured & sound.


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