Mystery Word 5

Can you find FIVE words from this week’s letters?

Record your five words in the comments section.

The first person who enters five words containing the “mystery word” will go into the running for this term’s scbtblog prize.

Words need to be submitted by 5pm on Friday, 18 May 2018.


  • Each contestant must enter five words exactly to be in the running to win
  • Only one entry per day is accepted. 
  • Only words containing 3 letters or more will be accepted
  • Each word must be spelt correctly
  • Each letter can only be used once (unless the letter appears more than once in the sequence of letters)
  • The first person who submits a list of five words containing the mystery word will be declared the winner
  • Plurals (adding s) is allowed (as long as there is an s in the group of letters given)
  • No names are accepted.


34 thoughts on “Mystery Word 5

  1. ire inter ingest insert end ends edit edits win wins wig wigs wine wined wind winds winder went weir wierd west wed weds wise wiser wised wring wrings wringed wrist wire wires wired wet wets wide wider widen winter wing wings winged write writes tie ties tied tries tried tin tins ten tens tide tides twin twins twig twigs tier tiers tire tires tired tend tends trend trends tiger tigers tine sign signed sir sire sired sent send sin sine sit set site side stride stew sew sewing store swine sing singer sting stinger string stringed swing stern siren get gets him girt grit grew gent grid grids grin grins grind grinds resin rest resting rise risen rent rents ride rides riden rite rind rewind rewinds reign reigns ring rings die dies dries dire dine dines diner dirt diet diets dint dints dent dents dig digs design dew drew den new news newt net nets nit nits nerd nerds

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