BTN – Lab Grown Meat (Week 6)

Should lab-grown meat be called meat, or something else and would you try it?

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24 thoughts on “BTN – Lab Grown Meat (Week 6)

  1. I think that lab grown meat should be called something different because it is not fair to farmers who use real meat because it takes time to process and produce meat and scientists are just going and inserting sells from cows and making fake meat.I think I would try fake meat to see how it tastes but I would always eat real meat for the business of being a farmer. I would call unnatural meat artificial meat.

  2. I don’t think it should be called meat. I think it should be called something that relates to what its made from. I think I would try it to see how it tastes and if it’s anything like real meat or if it tastes better. I also wouldn’t try it because it could be unhealthy for us but I am curious what products could be made. I am interested to see how long it will be till it’s in our local supermarkets.

  3. As much as lab grown meat sounds cool and inventive I would not try it because it wouldn’t be classified organic and it would fell weird eating meat made by scientists in a lab using cow cells, so no I would not eat lab grown meat.

    I think that if you don’t want to eat normal meat because it came from a living animal or having lots of cows uses up to much water for you, I think that you should be a vegetarian and that if lab grown meat becomes so popular farmers will stop making money and by this it will lose thousands of peoples jobs across the world.

    I think that calling it lab meat is misleading because technically it is not classified meat and it would change the meaning of meat because when someone says “meat” you don’t know what meat they mean, I think that calling it lab meat is unofficial because it has not come from a living cow. I think they should name it something like Cow Cell Grown Food (CCGF).

  4. I think that lab grown ‘meat’ should in fact not be called ‘meat’. This is because meat is produced from animals, and this lab grown ‘meat’ is a scientific project. I think that calling it ‘meat’ would offend Aussie farmers and many consumers. I would not try this so called ‘meat’ as it is not supporting Aussie farmers who work hard to deliver meat that is good to eat and goes through the process ‘normally’. A suggested name for this could be ‘cellvegan’ as it is actually made out of cells and is vegan!

  5. I think lab-grown meat should be called something else because when people think of meat they think of it from an animal. When people go to the store to buy meat they might get confused which meat is real meat. I think if the meat is made out of vegetables then maybe it should be called …vege-meat! And if it is made out of animal cells then maybe… labo-meat? I think it is good that scientists are making labo-meat and vege-meat because it is good for the environment and can save lots of water. Scientists are giving some people who like meat a choice of something else so they don’t have to kill animals. It is also helping save animals lives because not as many of the animals will die. I think I would try the vege-meat or labo-meat to compare the texture and taste to normal meat.

  6. I think lab grown meat should not be called meat, maybe something like for beef, sleef (cell beef), just an idea. I probably would not try it for now because they are still working on it and it just sounds weird eating a meat type thing that is made of cells. But maybe in the future I might try it, but for now I’ll just past on that idea.

  7. I do not think lab grown meat should be called meat because I think It should be called something that is Related to how it was made. This is because meat is normally form an animal and the lab grown meat is a project of science. I would try this meat to see the difference between meat from an animal and meat from a scientific project and see if it tastes the same. I would love to see how long it would last for in the fridge. But in a way I would not try it because it looked unhealthy.

  8. It shouldn’t be called meat if its made out of vegetables other non-animal products, but if it is grown in a lab, it should be called “Lab Grown Meat” or something along the lines of that.
    I would also give it a go just to see how it tastes.

  9. i think that Lab made “Meat” should not be called “Meat” and it should be called something else that relates to it. I would never try Lab gone meat because fake meat would be a bit weird made out of animals cells and i think that it would not taste nice at all.

  10. I don’t think lab grown meat should be called ‘meat’ because people buying this product will think it came from a living animal, people should know what they are buying. I think lab grown meat should have a different name such as LGM (lab grown meat) so people that are buying the product will know how the ‘meat’ was made.

    I would not try lab grown meat because it seems artificially made.

  11. I think that lab grown meat should not be allowed to be called meat simply because it’s not meat so scientists shouldn’t say something that’s not true.

    I might try this ‘fake’ meat, but if I don’t like it, then I probably wouldn’t eat it again.

  12. In my opinion I have a real problem with calling scientifically grown ‘meat’ meat. It is false advertising, it should be called ‘lab meat’ or ‘cell meat’. I also think that science has gone too far. We have no idea whether this lab meat’ will have any side affects when eating it over a long period of time. It is better to go vegetarian if we are worried about killing animals.

  13. I think that lab grown meat should not be called “meat” but I think it should be named something relating to it. I do think that Lab Meat is great for the environment and also a great way to save water and other produce. I think that Lab Meat would be a great thing for vegetarians and vegans also because its not made from animals, no animals are harmed in the making of it and its not really real meat.

  14. I think that lab grown meat should have a different name. It’s not fair if it’s presented as real meat because, one, it’s not fair on local farmers, and two, people need to know what their buying. Wether it’s real meat or not.

  15. I would not try this meat, even though I think it’s a good thing for vegetarians to enjoy

  16. No I wouldn’t try it. My family believes you should know exactly what you are eating. Where our food comes from needs as natural as possible. To simply name food, as we are accustomed when it does not come from the same source is misleading. Food production needs to be transparent, so anything that is made in a lab needs to be named appropriately. Eating more vegetables is a great idea, its good for us and the environment.

  17. I think it should still be called meat but they need to make it clear on the packaging that it is grown in a lab or if it comes from a cow. I would definitely taste this new version and if it tastes like meat i would eat it instead of real meat because it would help the environment.

  18. I think that lab grown meat should not be called meat for the following reasons.

    When we think of meat, we think of it coming from an animal, like a cow, a chicken or any other animal. Just because lab grown meat is another way of making meat, doesn’t mean that it is proper meat.

    Producing meat is a big job, because the farmers have to work hard to take care of the animal and help it stay alive. Then… when the time comes the farmers have to kill the animal. But with lab grown meat, all the scientist has to do is take stem cells from a living cow and put them into a petri dish, with a serum high in nutrients. Then under the right conditions the stem cells will grow and divide, after that the the stem cells become muscle tissue, the end result is meat.

    I think I would try lab grown meat, just to compare the taste difference to normal meat. But then at the same time you think that the meat you’re having, isn’t actually real meat.

  19. There are positives and negatives about lab grown meat and they are:
    Positives are for people who have intolerance to wheat soy and gluten, it saves water, there are no killing of animals and animals do not create green gas.
    Negatives:towards lab grown meat are we would be consuming more lab grown possessed food ,more chemicals less nutrients and it would affect farms and the economy.
    I think the scientists should make up there own names.
    No I wouldn’t like to eat this product.

  20. I think that processed meat is a cleaver experiment but it makes me wonder what scientists have added to make it grow faster and make it taste like meat. I think that it should be called a totally different name because it is not real meat and why confuse shoppers. Does it have any health benefits or protein to assist with our health?
    If people stop buying meat it will affect farmers and exporting.

  21. I Personally think that lab grown meat should be called something else as it is not real meat that comes from farm animals. It’s also not fair that the farmers spend so much money and time to produce real meat.

    I would probably try fake meat just once to see if it is juicy and tastes like real meat, but I don’t know if I would eat it again as it is not natural and its grown in a lab by scientists which I’m sure can’t be good for humans to eat.

  22. Processed meat is not good for you. This meat has added chemicals to make it grow faster. It’s also not fair that the farmers spend so much money and time to produce real meat. The name does no go at all and it should have a different name. Do you think that it has any good benefits for anyone’s health or do you think that it is all artificial?

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