Mystery Word 7

Can you find FIVE words from this week’s letters?

Record your five words in the comments section.

The first person who enters five words containing the “mystery word” will go into the running for this term’s scbtblog prize.

Words need to be submitted by 5pm on Friday, 1 June 2018.


  • Each contestant must enter five words exactly to be in the running to win
  • Only one entry per day is accepted.
  • Only words containing 3 letters or more will be accepted
  • Each word must be spelt correctly
  • Each letter can only be used once (unless the letter appears more than once in the sequence of letters)
  • The first person who submits a list of five words containing the mystery word will be declared the winner
  • Plurals (adding s) is allowed (as long as there is an s in the group of letters given)
  • No names are accepted.

28 thoughts on “Mystery Word 7

  1. Tab tabs tar tarp tarps trap traps tap taps top tops trash throb throbs barb brat brats bat bats bar bars boar boars boast bast bash brash boat boats both broth broths bath baths rat rats rot rots roast rash rap raps rob robs soar sap star stab sort shot short shop sport spa spar spot stop spat sob sharp staph abhor abhors abort aborts art arts asp ash absorb oar oars oat oats oath oaths hot hop hops hat hats has hart host harp harps pash pot pots pat pats par past post part parts port ports posh pastor

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