BTN – What is a Treaty (Week 7)

Why do a lot of people think a treaty is a good idea? What do you think?

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38 thoughts on “BTN – What is a Treaty (Week 7)

  1. I think that a lot of people want a treaty so that the Indigenous have their rights and so that we can put things like the stolen generation and stealing land behind us . I think there should be a treaty because Indigenous people deserve their rights .

  2. a treaty to recognize the past as well as the future is needed so that wed never forget what happened to the aboriginals in the past so that we never forget what happened and to come together for a better future.

  3. I think it is good that a lot of people care about having a treaty in our country. It is awesome that a number of people want a treaty between the Australian Government and Indigenous Australians it shows that they care about the Indigenous rights and equality. I think it is a good idea to have a treaty because it can settle problems in Australia like Indigenous rights and reconciliation.

  4. A lot of people think a treaty is a good idea because it can stop things like war and is fair.

    I think that a treaty is good because it is an agreement between different people and countries who have different opinions. I also believe it can stop wars and establish rights for indigenous people.

  5. People think a treaty is a good idea because they make a difference in the world I mean they stopped wars, helped people get there equal rights and made places. I think that they are an OK idea they can do good things like stopping wars but I’m sure they can also do bad things. I think lab grown meat should not be called meat it should be called scientific meat. I would not try it because there could be a lot of bacteria in there

  6. A lot of people think that treaties are a good idea because they have stopped enemies from fighting, they’ve helped establish borders and break them down. Why I think treaties are important is because it lets people know where they stand in relation to certain issues.

  7. I believe having a treaty between Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders and Non-Indigenous Australians is a good idea. This is because I believe this will build a sense of respect between these 2 parties.

  8. I think a treaty is a great idea. Sitting down and talking any problem through is a great first step. I understand that there are legal implications that could arise, but if our leaders take the first step, surely they could come to a compromise and keep everyone happy.

  9. I think that treaty is a good thing because the Aboriginals were the original owners of this land. Treaty is a way of resolving problems or disputes between countries, people or communities. Treaty is also legally binding so it can’t be broken.

  10. I think that treaties are a good idea but they could also do some bad things. People could argue about them which could lead to rival and fighting. I think that the indigenous treaty should come about because aborigines deserve the same rights that Australians deserve. We can all put the horrible past behind us!

  11. I think that a lot of people think having a treaty is a good idea because so the Indigenous can have rights like us, and so that EVERYONE can live a happy life. Also because this will cause to make Indigenous, non-Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders to come together and make Australia a great environment to live in. I think having a treaty is a GREAT idea so that Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders have the same rights as us, seeing that they were here before us.

  12. In my opinion I think that a treaty is a perfect idea. It’s a step toward achieving reconciliation and recognising indigenous rights.

    A treaty should be made because Aboriginals have been on this land for more than 60 000
    years. But when it was colonised by the British, they thought that the land did not belong to anyone, that was not true.

    Back in 1987 there was a lot of talk about having a treaty. There was loads and loads of support from all around Australia. The prime minister Bob hawke said that there would be a treaty by 1990, but it never happened.

    Even New zealand has a very famous treaty of Waitangi. It was signed in 1840 between the british crown and 540 Maori chiefs, who agreed that New Zealand would become a British colony as long as they got to keep certain rights. Many consider it to be the founding document of New Zealand.

    Even the band Midnight Oil had a song about Aboriginal rights. The song was called “Beds are burning”. And the lyrics said “The time has come. To say fair’s fair. To pay the rent. To pay our share”. That song was written 31 years ago and I think it’s time.

  13. I think that treaties are a good idea because the Aboriginals are the original owners of this land we stand on. I also believe that the Aborigines should deserve that same rights and respect that we get. Treaty is also very good for solving problems between people, countries or communities and also because they have stopped enemies from fighting.

  14. I think that a treaty is a good idea because ¬it would give understanding and rights to both the Indigenous and non-indigenous ¬people of Australia. A treaty would be a good way to respect the Indigenous people of Australia. A treaty would be the appropriate first step to making a more equitable Australia.

  15. I think treaties are a great idea because Indigenous people can be happy because they have the same rights as us. It can stop conflicts and disagreements and settle problems. I this will benefit Indigenous people and non Indigenous people. But I do believe this might cause some conflicts between some people.

  16. A treaty has helped so many people, Australian politicians should have a treaty between indigenous people and white people.A treaty was promised,a treaty was NOT provided. So many Aussies want a treaty, why don’t Aussies have a treaty!

  17. I think that it is great that lot’s of Aussie people want to help the aboriginals to get there right. i think a treaty would be a nice thing to do so we can have all rights and do not forget that the aboriginals ruled this land first and if you think about it more why have they not sined it yet it has really hard for the people who want this to happen has to wait even longer just think about this if you ask your mum for a drink of water and she dose not get for you how would that make you feel it would make me feel really sad so that’s what i think about this!

  18. I think that a treaty would help bring Australia together and help recognize the original owners of Australia.

  19. I think that a treaty is a good idea, because before Australia was coloniesed by the British, it was owned by the indigenous. A treaty will recognise this and therefore it will establish and protect the rights of the indigenous people.
    It will also be a huge step towards reconciliation between indigenous and no-indigenous

  20. I think a lot of people think a treaty is a good ideas because so that the aboriginals have their rights which is very important because they were the originals to this land and deserve the same rights that we get. A treaty will also help stop enemies from fighting between people and country’s.

  21. A treaty is when two parties or groups meet to agree on a reconciliation.
    I think it’s a good idea so they can live in peace and harmony as the indigenous people have every right as we do in Australia because they were here before us.

  22. In my opinion I think that a Treaty is a good Idea between the Torres strait islander and Non-indegenous Australians because it will gain knowledge, respect and understanding between the 2 groups. Other people think treaties are good because it prevents fights and arguments between 2 parties. In conclusion, I think a treaty is a great idea !

  23. I think a treaty is a good idea because the Aborigines were the original owners of our land and it was taken from them. It should be further recognised as a sign of apology and hopefully it would get rid of any negative feelings the Aborigines have towards the settlers. I also think it would be good because the Aborigines will have the same rights as all of us Australians.

  24. I think that a treaty would be well respected and welcomed if achieved. I think that this would really have a positive impact on the aboriginal people. It would help bring harmony to indigenous and non indigenous people so that everyone can live in harmony. It helps acknowledge their amazing past and accomplishments.

  25. I think a treaty is a great idea!
    As it said in the video, when the british arrived here they declared Australia as a land belonging to no one.
    Obviously that is not true because the Aboriginals were here.
    I believe that a treaty will show respect for the Aboriginals and will make our rights equal.
    This is a perfect soulution for an equal Australia

  26. I think a treaty is a very good idea because the land that we are on belongs to the indigenous people and that they should be treated fairly and have the same rights as we do. And having a treaty would mean that we recognise the indigenous and that we are giving the rights to them. And having a treaty would that we are all the same and everyone can live together happily.I think the treaty is a good idea and we should do it.

  27. I think treaties are a really good way for settling differences, It allows both parties to be heard where they come to a mutule understanding and agreement.Most times this binding contract ease both parties involved, unfortunately for the Aboriginals they are still waiting for a treaty.

  28. I think that a lot of people think that a treaty is good because it will give aboriginal their rights of their land with is rightfully theirs .A treaty will also be good because it can help stop wars and conflicts and it helps make lots of things fair.

  29. I Think that aboriginals need treaties because its a good way of telling the non-indigenous people that Australia was there land and that they need to protect there rights. I also think that if aboriginals get treaties it will make reconciliation between the non-indigenous and the indigenous people but its really sad that they have not made one yet.

  30. I think treaty is a good idea because it gives aboriginals the right to do pretty much whatever they want and it gives them the opportunity to be heard. Also treaty is a good idea because the two parties would first of all agree on something but then they could also be signing a contract about a good thing or possibly a bad thing which is the problem about treaty.

  31. I think treaty’s great because it stopped lots of disagrments and made the commutation work as a team it also gained world trust and also helped aborganies for there own rights

  32. I think people think a treaty is a good idea because it can stop wars and declare peace so people can stop stressing and relax that is why I think that people think a treaty is a good idea.

  33. I think the treaty is a great idea because the settlers just came and took the land from the aboriginals
    and didn’t give them a fair share of the land and the treaty should be sighned

  34. I think they should make the treaty because it would give aboriginal people equal rights. I think everyone should get equal rights no matter what race, religion or culture. if New Zealand can do it we can to.

  35. I think if we have a treaty in Australia we could blend in with the aboriginal people more easily and people may change their way of thinking.
    I believe the aboriginals belong to the land and it’s only fair that they have a say in the agreements within a treaty.
    We should all respect the aboriginals points of view but they should also acknowledge the positives the settlers have done for them and they should respect our beliefs and ways of living, without this i don’t believe a treaty will be possible.

  36. I believe a treaty is a great idea because it would be a big step in reconciling with the Aboriginal people, they would finally receive the rights they have forever been waiting for and we may be able to ask for the forgiveness that the Aboriginal people deserve. If that can be accomplished it would be a little step forward in achieving world peace, and we can only grow on the little steps.

  37. A lot of people think a treaty is a good idea because it protects Aboriginal rights and would be a step towards reconciliation. I think a treaty is a good idea because as traditional owners of the land, it would recognise indigenous people and their culture and improve relationships between indigenous and non indigenous Australians.

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