Mystery Word 8 – Solution

The mystery word for last week was, “Assembly“. Well done to Jacinta (5/6 SC) who got it with the very first entry.

As always, I thank Jamie (1/2 B) and his mum Isabelle for working out all of the possible solutions:

Same smile smiles smiley slam slams say says slay slays sable sale sales seal seals sail sails sea seas sim slab slabs seam seams sly semi slim slims slime slimey male males mail mails meal meals mile miles mass May mess messy miss missable mislay mislays maybe maybes able ale ails aisle aisles abyss assembly abseil abseils aim aims aimless amble ambles amiss blame blames balm balms base bases bay bays bass bias biases bale bales bail bails bile basil bless bliss beam beams yes yam yams lie lies lime limes lab labs lay lays lei lass less lamb lambs limb limbs lame lea leas email emails embassy essay elm elms easy easily

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