Mystery Word 9 – Solution

This week’s mystery word was ‘diary’. Well done to everyone who submitted an entry. Now Alexis (5/6 SC) was first to enter ‘diary’, but she also entered a word twice. Ariella (5/6 M) was next to submit the word, but she also entered more than 5 words. Rules are rules. So well done to Harrison (5/6 M) who wins this week’s raffle ticket.  

Now to our Mystery Word experts, Jamie and Isabelle, for the rest of this week’s possible words:

Rode ride rides rider riders rid rids red reds ray rays rad roe roes rod rods road roads rise riser risers rose rosier rosy rosary raise raised raiser redo rare raid raids raider raiders ryè rear seats roar roars roared radio radios dye dyes dyer dry dryer dryers die dies dries day days does dose doe doer dairy diary dare dares dear dears deary dire daisy dreary dory yes yard yards era eras ear ears easy err errs ire idea ideas aid aids aide aides aider air airs aired airy arise arose arid are aside adore adòres ardor ardors ado Syria sad sore soar soared sorry said sir sire sired soy soya say sari sod side sear sea ore ores ored ode odes oar oars oared order orders

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