BTN – Nuclear Summit

What did you learn from watching this BTN story? Share your thoughts on whether this will make the world safer.
Why do a lot of people think a treaty is a good idea? What do you think?

Note to Year 5/6s: If the video does not play on your device, visit the BTN website (link). If the video still does not work on your device you will need to investigate with your mum and dad that your system and browsers are up-to-date. In the meantime, you can see Mr C for a transcript.


13 thoughts on “BTN – Nuclear Summit

  1. In this video I learnt that north Korea has already signed an agreement like this before and some time after kept making nuclear weapons therefore they broke the agreement they have made. I think this deal may make the world safer if everyone is willing to keep their agreement and know that they should not continue test or creating the weapons. A lot of people think this is a good idea because they believe that if the states encourage each other to hold this agreement it should work this time.

  2. I believe having a treaty is a good idea because even though this country, North Korea, has been doing horrible things to its people it prevents them from hurting others outside it’s own nation. America having this relationship with North Korea is important as it can act as a peacemaker when the North decide to attack other enemies.

  3. I think a treaty is good good thing because if nuclear bombs and missiles have stopped launching, no body will be afraid of getting nuked by the USA or North Korea because they will both give all their bombs and missiles up and then they will be no problem between the two countries. So i believe a treaty is a great idea because there will be no worries of getting bombed.

  4. From watching this video I have come to say that Korea is not always trustworthy with their agreements they have agreed not to make or buy nuclear weapons anymore and later they decided that they didn’t want to stop and they started to make them again. This may make the world safer for a little bit of time but then one of them might do something and maybe start a war.

  5. From this BTN video I learnt that in 1968 there was an agreement for countries to stop buying, making or using nuclear weapons. I also learnt that many countries broke the first agreement in 1968.So that led to the newest agreement between America and North Korea to stop using nuclear weapons.

    I think the newest agreement is a great idea because it will stop countries trying to make more weapons than each other. This agreement will stop people from being worried about nuclear weapons.

  6. In this BTN video I learnt that in Singapore President Trump and Kim Jong-Un have recently signed a treaty to stop the production and the testing of nuclear weapons. These two people are absolute enemies, but they both got the courage to actually get up and do something about this problem.

    After World War Two when the first atomic bomb was used on the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan this triggered a whole nuclear weapons revolution around the world. Countries around the world did it just to stay safe. But if this did break out into a war where nuclear weapons are used it would have affected mankind badly.

    In 1968 many countries signed an agreement to stop making, buying or using nuclear weapons. Nearly every country in the world signed it including North Korea. But in the early 2000s it became the only country to back out.

    President Trump and Kim Jong-Un have signed a document that basically says that North Korea is going to work towards total de-nuclearisation, which means that there there will be no more nuclear weapons made. North Korea and the US will work toward total peace and friendship.

    I think that it was a great idea to have had this treaty signed because it’s an action that could stop another war. The US have done great job and stopped North Korea from producing more nuclear weapons.

  7. From watching this video I learnt that in 1968 there was a deal that countries will stop buying, making and using nuclear weapons. I also learnt that recently Kim Jong-Un and Donald trump signed an agreement that says they are going to work towards total de-nuclearisation.
    I think this agreement was a great idea because it will keep America and North Korea from feeling unsafe. It was also a great idea because it has stopped another war from beginning.

  8. I think it would be a god thing to have a treaty between North Korea and the US because it can help stop all the conflict going between the two country, but i am also not sure that Korea is that trustworthy of keeping their prosier about nuclear weapons.

  9. From this BTN video, I learnt that when the British came to Australia it was declared a Terra Nullius (The land belonging to no one) but it wasn’t true. The Aboriginals and the Torres Strait island said they needed a treaty to tell everyone the land was owned by Indigenous people before it was colonized.
    I think treaties make the world safer because their will be no violence and it will end as an agreement.
    I think treaties are a good idea because it makes an agreement to do something or an issue solved, for example to stop making and using nuclear weapons.

  10. People think treaties are a good idea because there is fairness between the two groups (parties)! I also agree that a treaty is a good idea because in the country North Korea a treaty keeps them from hurting people outside their own country and society.I also think a treaty is a good idea because it is a great way to make two groups in fairness!

  11. I learnt that this was the first time a U.S president has ever met up with a North Korean leader.

    I also learnt that North Korea has been testing and building nuclear weapons for the last couple of decades. This is not acceptable by the international law. After the 2nd world war when the first atomic bomb was used many countries had started to develop their own nuclear weapons to protect their own countries. The problem with this is that if another world war starts and all of the countries used their nuclear weapons it could destroy the world this is why in 1968 many countries signed an agreement to stop making and using nuclear weapons North Korea had also signed but backed out in early 2000 by doing this they showed the world that they are not against nuclear weapons.

    The meeting between Kim Jong Un and president trump was important because the document signed between the 2 leaders has shown the world that North Korea leader is wanting peace with all countries and that he is working towards De-nuclearisation.

    Even though this has happened not all countries are convinced as North Korea has made the same promise befor but broke it.

    I think it’s great that this has happened as it means that North Korea and U.S.A are becoming friends and hopefully this will mean that he will no longer want to test nuclear weapons.

    I really hope he doesn’t change his mind again as nuclear weapons could destroy the world.

  12. What I learnt rom this BTN clip was that the North Korean leader has sign a “DeNuclearisation” which as they said, North Korea has already done that before and did it work out? No, so maybe it might not be true, but hopefully it is true because that would mean that we might be safer from WW III, which would save human kind. Hopefully there won’t be a WW III. I think a lot of people think a treaty is a good idea because it is one, and also because they signed on it, which makes that they made a promise, which they can’t (shouldn’t) break it. It shows that they are going to work together to create peace, for the world. I think it’s a great idea because of what I have stated and also because we will be safe if they follow it, and we won’t live afraid and live our full potential because we aren’t as afraid because they won’t fire missiles because they signed on it that they wouldn’t.

  13. I learnt that nuclear weapons can destroy city’s, so they should never be used. I also learnt that north Korea had backed out of the treaty that they had sinned in 1968. I don’t think that is right because if you sign something you promise that you will uphold it.
    I think that the treaty is a good idea because it makes me feel a lot safer and city’s will not be blown up.

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