Mia’s Junior Artist

Winning art piece for the week from Bianca (3/4 CC)

Mia was away today so I will blog for her this week. A big, BIG thank you to Indiana and Alessia P (5.6 M) who are part of Mia’s team and coordinated the collection, judging and the announcement of the winner on the loud speaker.

This week’s winner is Bianca from 3/4CC who created this very real looking burger and fries. 

Below is an image of the other art pieces that were entered this week.

Next week’s theme is:  people

2 thoughts on “Mia’s Junior Artist

  1. WOW! That is awesome…I could eat it.
    Well done everyone for your contributions. And a HUGE thank you to the girls for organising this great competition.

  2. Bianca, you will need to count the chips next week. I think I saw Mr M try to eat one.
    That is a standout contribution to the competition.

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