Friday Song

Hello Everyone.

I am sorry for the delay for today’s song.

It has been recorded and I am waiting for it to download. As I type, I am told that the download will be complete in 3 hours! I’m not sure why, it’s not as though every kids in Victoria is on a computer right now…oh hang.

Hopefully this afternoon I”ll be able to post the song.

Keep on working.

Mr M

Good Friday

Today is the most solemn day of the Catholic year. It was on this day at 3pm when Jesus took his last breath.

Today I have 3 links for you.

a) a child friendly ‘Good Friday’ explanation

b)  a ‘Good Friday’ skit from 2 guys known as the Skit Guys…This is one of my personal favourites

c) the song that I had organised for our Stations of the Cross that was going to be held at the end of term. It is a beautiful song by Australian singer song writer, Paul Kelly. It is Psalm 23 from the Bible.

Enjoy and may God Bless you and your families.

Palm Sunday

Hi Everyone.

With everything that is going on in not just our own homes, community and country but the entire world, it could be easy to forget the important week we are entering. I have posted a link to a simple explanation of Palm Sunday and as the week progresses I’ll be posting reflections and prayers for each day of Holy Week.

Feel free to share this link with family or friends.

Enjoy your family. Stay safe. Remember Jesus and his family at this time.


And may we see Jesus as the Son of God, 

and cry out to him, Hosanna!

Save now! Cover our sins, O Lord.