🌌 STEM: Mars Rovers

It’s a big month for the planet Mars with three rovers from three different countries set to blast off towards the Red Planet in the next few weeks. We find out more about these missions and look back at the history of Mars exploration. Watch this video from BTN.

Can you answer one of these questions in the comments section?

1. Which three countries are sending rovers to Mars in July?
2. Why is July 2020 a good time to launch a rover to Mars?
3. What will the United Arab Emirates’ mission to Mars study?
4. This will be China’s first attempt to land on Mars. True or false?
5. What will NASA’s rover collect when it goes to Mars?
6. What year did the Mariner mission to Mars happen?
7. What does Mars look like? Describe and illustrate.
8. Complete the following sentence. NASA has found organic molecules
on Mars which are the building blocks of _______.
9. Why is it hard to land on Mars?

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