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About Us

Hi and welcome to our school blog.  

Our school is called St Charles Borromeo and we are a Catholic co-educational primary school located in the Melbourne suburb of Templestowe, which is in Victoria, Australia.

This blog is a joint teacher and student project to share and connect with a global audience.

We love receiving comments, so please don’t leave without leaving us a message.

For further information about our school click here to visit our website.

Frank Cotela
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52 thoughts on “About us

  1. Dear Frank,
    Thank you so much for visiting us at Hey, Kids! I wanted to return the favor, and lo and behold! I was so surprised to find you at St. Charles Borromeo in Melbourne. For seven years I have taught at Epiphany Cathedral School in Venice, Florida, USA, and the next closest Catholic elementary school to us is St. Charles Borromeo in Port Charolotte, Florida, USA. Imagine that! Here is their school website. http://www.stcharlespc.org/#!st-charles-borromeo-catholic-school/cqt2
    I thought you might like to reach out to them and start a pen pal initiative. Their pastor, Fr. John Fitch, was previously at Epiphany so I know him well. Thank you again for coming by to visit us. We will keep in touch!
    Beth Donofrio
    @ Hey, Kids!

    • Hi Beth,

      Thanks for visiting our blog and letting us know that we have a twin school in Port Charolotte. I will have to look into whether they blog too.


  2. Hello!
    Thanks for visiting our blog. We were excited to have visitors from Australia.
    My students have a few questions for you:
    What grade does your school go to? Do you have grade sixes? We would love some Australian buddies.
    What is the weather like there right now? We are having a warm November and are enjoying being outside without any snow!
    We are wondering, does it snow in Australia?
    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Link to our blog

  3. Hello Danielle and grade sixes,
    Thank you for visiting our blog.

    Our school has students from prep to year 6. It’s mostly sunny at the moment, and windy at times.
    In Melbourne (our home location) we don’t have any snow, but it can be frosty on some very cold mornings.

    We were wondering what country/city your school is located.

    Thank you for contacting us, if you have any questions, we are very happy to answer them.

    Kind regards,
    Christian, Liesl and Anna
    Grade 6 ICT Captains

  4. Hi!

    We are in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Our school is called Anne Hathaway Public School. We have students from kindergarten to grade 6.

    We all speak English but we take French class every day. We also have a French Immersion program at our school and these students speak French 50% of their day. Our class has French 40 minutes a day.

    Yes it snows in Stratford! We are actually in what is called the snow belt which means we get a lot of snow in the winter. We do go to school when it snows. There are times when the school closes due to the weather but it does not happen very often. Usually at this time, we have snow already but it has been a warm fall. We are still waiting for our first snow fall.

    We have some more questions for you:

    Have you ever had snow?
    Do you ever not go to school for weather reasons?
    Do you have students blogs or a class blog we can visit?
    Are there kangaroos near your school? If not what animals are there in the area?
    Do you celebrate Christmas?
    Do any of your students like to act?
    How often do you go on field trips?
    What sports do you play at your school?
    Do you get homework?
    What school do you go to after grade 6?
    What is your most important meal of the day?

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Grade 6 students
    Ms. Mascolo

    • Hi Ms. Mascolo and the Grade 6 Students,
      Great to hear from you!
      We do have Kangaroos but it is very rare if we see them around. Another animal that is common around here are Possums!

      Daniel and I have a question for you,
      Have any of you visited Australia, If so where have you been?

      Thank you from Alessia & Daniel 5/6I

      • Hey! I’m Annabelle,

        I don’t think any of of us have been to Australia but I’m not sure, they say that some of their family members have gone there.
        I didn’t know that you guys had possums that’s interesting. In Ontario we mostly have squirrels when where driving we sometimes see deer unfortunately sometimes they hit your car.

        In Australia want is the most deadliest animal/ insect? And also why do you put an “I” when you write gr 6?

        • Hi Annabelle! I’m Nicola.
          Id like to answer your questions, C:

          with the 5/6_ We have 3 different classes and the letters is the teachers names (ex. miss Bella would be 5/6B, we don’t have a teacher named Bella its a ex.)
          And our deadliest animal is a Snake.

          I have some questions for you know C:
          – What is your country deadliest animal?
          – Whats your fave Hobby to do in your spare time?
          – Would you come to Melbourne for a week?
          – Whats your fave animal?

    • Hi Ms Masccolo & grade 6s,
      Thanks for visiting our school blog. What sports do you play at your school? The sports we play at our school are: netball, soccer and basketball.

      • Hello David,
        We love having pen pals from a different part of the world. It is so fascinating to learn of different accommodations of Australia. At our school we have teams for soccer, basketball, volleyball, track/cross country and, getting a little off track, a chess team. The school has special teams for these sports, but we have many other sports or games we can play at recess. A couple questions I have for you; What is netball? What are the hours of your school and how many days of the week do you go to school?
        I hope you respond,

    • Hi its Sharni and Rodney from 5/6I at St.Charles Borromeo.
      We have seen that you are wondering if any students like to act? We ,used to do Performing Arts but not any more. So if you like to act you have to take classes out of school. We do mini role plays in our class sometimes, but we rarely get a chance.

      Also we have a question for you, do you wear a school uniform?

      • Hello Sharni and Rodney!
        No we do not wear school uniforms.
        My favourite things at school are math, ipads and choir.
        What do you like to do at school?
        Do you like math?

      • Hi there. My name is Courtney. I see that you where wondering if we wear uniforms. We do not wear uniforms. We just wear normal clothes.
        Do you have a winter coat or snow pants?

        • Hi Courtney! (Very beautiful Name C:)
          I’m Nicola and i can answer your question.

          We do have a uniform and its green,yellow and navy blue. we have a winter dress but not a coat. we have a jacket. (the grade 6’s get a printed jacket with there name on the back with all the other grade 6’s)

          We have just finished school for another year, We have a 4 week break and then go to our new classes (i’m a grade 6 now)

          i have a question for you.
          Do you have SRC And leadership? (and groups like EIT or a Action)

          Thanks And hope you respond C:
          Cheers Nicola

    • Hello I am Steve from 5/6I. Thank you for visiting our blog. For your question “What sports do you play at school” We play a lot of sports. We play Footy (AFL) (Australia Football League). AFL is a sport only played in Australia – its a really fun sport but it is hard to explain how to play it so search it up in Google if you want. We also play Soccer, Cricket If you don’t know what that sport is then search that up too, hockey (not ice hockey just normal hockey), netball and basketball. Thank you again Ms. Mascolo and Year 6s. Oh yeah we say year 6s not grade 6s.

      • We play this crazy game called indoor volleyball, Soccer (football), ice hockey, and foot hockey at our school. I think it’s really cool that you play different sports then us. Maybe sometime you can visit my blog … edublog.amdsb.ca/mybloghannah458 the link is on Ms. Mascolos class blog.

        What kind of hockey do you play? It’s normal for us to play ice hockey. Canada is known for snow and ice. Do you get 4 seasons? We get summer, fall, spring, and WINTER!! Have you ever wanted to come to Canada? If so would you like to experience the snow? I would love to come to Australia! But… I love dampness in the ground and it’s probably very dry there.

        Hannah 🙂

      • Hi we have basketball teams we have volleyball teams soccer teams and cross country teams we do know what cricket is but I play football at home with my brother Have you been on any class trips yet.

    • Hi!!!!
      Ms.Mascolo and year 6’s

      We do celebrate Christmas. Usually in t-shirts, shorts and thongs by the pool having a barbeque. It sometimes gets up to 40 degrees Celsius at that time of year. A question for you is how many people do you have at your school we have 260 students?

      THANK YOU for looking at our blog

      • Really we wear snowsuits hats and mittens. It is really cold and for your question we have like 397 kids in the school maybe more. Here’s a question for you Zac what sports do you like?

      • We have 197 kids in the school and we have a lot of questions but we will save it for next time.

        How many seasons do you guys have?

    • Hello Ms Mascolo and Grade 6 students,

      Thank you for visiting our school blog! I’m Clarece from 5/6I at St.Charles Borromeo in Templestowe, Victoria. At our school we go from Prep to year 6, but we have mixed classes. So we do prep (which is equivalent to kindergarten), 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6. After we complete year 6 we then head off to a secondary school of our choice. Most of the schools we are going to are the same gender, so it means that they are either all girl schools or all boy schools. When I head to year 7 next year I am looking forward to starting a new journey, meeting new friends and getting to get used to a new environment.

      My question to you is:
      After year 6 we go to High school, what do you call your High schools and what ages are they from?

      Can’t wait for a response! Clarece

      • Hi!
        Your blog is very nice. I’m Justin from Anne Hathaway Public School in Stratford, Ontario. The high schools we go to are both genders. I don’t want to go to high school yet I really like this school. We have mixed classes but half of the classes are only one grade.

        Thanks for the comment! Justin

        • Hi Justin! I’m Nicola (a year 6 next year in Feb)

          Same here. It will feel weird not being in your normal environment of friends and people.
          But don’t worry to much about it. you still have this year , as my teacher always says.
          ‘Think about Now then the future, if you thing about the future, Your wasting now’

          I have a couple question for you:
          – what grade are you in?
          – does your school have multiple classes with the same grades? (like 2 5/6’s)
          – Whats your fave thing to do at school?
          – when does your school year start and end?
          – Can we come to your school blog and post?

          Thanks. and cheers C:

      • Hi Clarece thanks! For the blog post what we do is the exact same thing for the gradeing we go from kindergarten to grade6/year6 but they both mean the same thing what we do in Canada for sports is volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey and baseball do you guys ever go on class trips to museums and what are common house pets for you guys in Australia the high schools are called central and northwestern and both of them go from grade 7 to grade 12 so ages for 12-17
        and no we do not wear school uniforms.

    • Hi,
      We are Catherine and Amy from 5/6I. Thanks for visiting our blog. In Australia although we are normally in a rush in the morning to get to school at 8:30am – We think that breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day. If we don’t get breakfast we would find it really hard to wait to lunch. At our school we have fruit time at 10:00am to help us think (we call it brain food). At school we don’t have a cafeteria we bring our own lunch, but we do have a canteen where we can buy hot food on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

      We would like to ask you a question:
      What do you like to do after school?


      • What I like to do after school is play with my rc helicopter or go on my iPhone or play with my dogs.
        I would like to ask you some questions
        What is your favourite colour.
        Do you have a dog if you do what is there names if you don’t have a dog what do you have.
        Do you have a Rc toy what is it.
        What kind of food do you eat there.

        • Hi Noah, I’m Nicola (the 1# Dog fan in the school *True Fact*)

          My fave Color is Aqua (a mix of green and blue)
          I have a 13 yr old chocolate Lab named Coco
          I have 2 RC Helicopters and they Both broke (Ops ;-;)
          Us Aussies have BBQ a lot

          I have questions:
          -What do you eat in Canada?
          – Can we come on your blog and comment?
          – do you have tech at school (Like computers,Ipads and interactive whiteboards.

          Thanks And Hope you Respond
          Cheers Nicola

    • Dear Ms Mascolo and year 6’s

      In answer to your 7th question, we go on excursions (field trips) every term for our social studies. The 5/6’s go to camp every year. This year for camp we went to a place called Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, Victoria. It is a place about Australian history and the gold rush that occurred here.

      A question for you – Do you go on school camp?

      from Angie & Kayden (:

      • Hi! I’m Aislinn it sounds like your camps are fun. I’m pretty sure we do summer camp. So you don’t get snow? Have you ever seen snow before? We got a big snow this weekend! I made a snow man with my little brother. Do you guys have choir at your school? Do you guys play instruments? I play the flute, silver flute to be exact. How many seasons do you get? We get four. Winter we have Christmas Eve on the 24th of December, that’s my birthday! Second we have spring we all washable Easter on a Sunday, we call it Easter Sunday. Third we have summer we have no school all the way through summer from the end of June to the end of August. And fourth we have fall if autumn we have thanks giving and Halloween on Halloween we dress up and go trick or treating, do you guys do that? I get lots of candy every year.

        🙂 hope to here from you soon!!! 🙂

      • No we do not go on camp. We go for a trip to see Romeo and Juliet at the Festival Theatre. We also go snow tubing. Another trip we take is curling.

        • Hi Ronik! I’m Nicola

          For Christmas we end the year on the 16th of Dec and come back on the 1st of Feb (with a new teacher and class)

          We have a 4 week Break (that we have started today)
          may i ask something C:

          What TV shows are there in Canada

          thanks cheers Nicola

    • Hi grade six students and Ms. Mascolo,

      Our names are Olivia and Anja we are in Mrs. Ibrahim’s Grade 5/6 class. To answer your question do you get homework? Yes we do. We get two task from our homework matrix, literacy circles and if we have any inquiry tasks we need to finish off in our own time.

      Our questions for you are:
      * How many students do you have attending your school?
      * What are the most common animals you have around your school?

      • Hi there. My name is Cole. These are the answer for your questions.
        There are 397 students that are attending our school.
        The type of animals I see around our school is birds and squirrels those are the only type we see around our school.

        Now I have some questions for you.
        What days do you go to school during the week.
        We go to school from stem year to June when do you go to school.

      • Hi Olivia and Anja.
        My name is Colin.
        We have 397 students attend Anna Hathaway public. The most common animals are squirrels, birds. I have some questions. What field trips do you go on? What wild animals do you have?

    • Hi Year 6’s and Ms. Mascolo,
      We are going to answer one of your questions ‘Have we ever had snow?’
      Well, in our area Templestowe,Victoria, we don’t get snow but in the winter we get hail storms – the size of small rocks. In Victoria we have mountains, e.g Mount Buller. In the winter Mount Buller gets snow and lots of people go there to ski or snowboard. Tasmania (a little island south of Victoria) sometimes gets snow in the winter.

      We have a question for you:
      Has anyone been to Australia?

      Emi and Christian From 5/6I

      • None of us have been to Austrailia. But a few of us have had relatives that have been there and Jaeden’s uncle is living there right now. But other than that I don’t think anyone in our class has every been there.

        I have a some questions for you:
        Do you have any pets? If so what are they.
        Have you ever been to Canada?
        How many people go to school at your school?

        • Hi Connor and Michael,

          I have two budgies named Milly and Bluey. I don’t think any of us have been to Canada but I sure would love two.At our school we have around about 270 children attending. And your question Michael ‘What does my school look like’… well I can’t post images yet, but at the top of our about us page has an image of our school. We have a quiet grass area and the main building at our school. In the building it contains most classes and the office. My classroom how ever is in a separate building near the library due to to many year 5/6’s we have. I have a question for you: Do you have any native animals around your school?

          I hope to here from you soon

          Eli from 5/6I

      • Hello!

        I am going to answer your question “has anyone been to Australia” well no.. No one in our class has but a few people in our class have uncles and cousins and other peers there.

        Also I have a question for you what does your school look like? if you could post some pictures that would be nice. Oh yeah and before I stop writing I am going to tell you that I will soon be posting some pictures of my school to share with you!
        From Michael in Mrs. Mascolo’s ======================>Edublog.amdsb.ca/michael910<=========================

    • Hi Ms. Mascolo and Grade 6 students.
      We go to school no matter what the weather is but we do stay inside if it is raining, windy or it is over 34 degrees celsius. We call these wet time table and Extreme weather time table. We wish we could stay home when it is too hot!

      Our question to you is…How low can your temperature get?
      From Dante and Georgia 5/6I

      • Hi.

        How have you been?

        Well the temperature here in Canada can get about -63.0 degrees Celsius. Pretty cold eh.

        My question for you is,

        Does it rain often in Australia?
        From Ethan in grade 6

        • HI Ethan! I’m Nicola C:

          it depends on what season we are in,
          Winter – Yes (a lot)
          Summer – Nope
          Autumn – Sometimes
          spring – Sometimes

          so what about Canada? Does it rain there a lot?

          Thanks, Cheers Nicola

      • Hello.

        When the snow gets very high and cold we have a day called snow day.
        In Ontario where we live the lowest temperature it has been in Ontario is −58.3 °C. So at that temperature no one would be outside they could probably die.

        My questions are: Do you have a day other than holidays and weekends where you don’t go to school? What is the lowest temperature it has ever been in Australia? What is the hottest temperature it has been in Australia?

  5. Hi Grade 6 students and Ms. Mascolo,
    Yes we do have a class and school blog. But we manly use this school blog, this is our link for our class blog: http://56ibloggers.global2.vic.edu.au
    What time do you finish school on weekdays?
    Also what days do you go to school?

    Kinds Regards
    Imogen and Phenix

    • I finish school at 3:00.

      I go to school days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday.

      School starts at 8:35 .

      We go to school from September to June. When do you guys go to school?

    • Cool, we end school at 3:00 and I go to school Monday to Friday. How many hours are you ahead from us? When do you start school on weekdays? We have 397 people in our school. Do you like pasta? That is my favourite food. My favourite hockey team are the Vancouver Canucks.


  6. I also have a question(s) for you:
    Do you do any other specialist classes besides learning French? & how old is your school

  7. Hi,
    To answer your question Cody, we have ‘curriculum days’ which is a day off for students at our school.
    The hottest it’s ever been in Melbourne is 46.4 degrees Celsius ( 115.5 degrees Fahronheit), the coldest it’s ever been is in Melbourne is 2.5 degrees Celsius ( 36.5 degrees Farhonheit).
    Also do any of you like football (soccer) or Arsenal FC (EPL)?

  8. Dear Aislinn and Ronik,
    In Melbourne we have four seasons as well, but in a different order. First is autumn or in your case fall. then it is winter, but we don’t get snow – we get hail. Third is spring and that’s when the kangaroos and wombats come out. And finally summer is when the snakes come out. In fact a week ago my neighbour’s dog was killed by a tiger snake that was in their backyard. I used to play guitar, but I don’t any more. We don’t do Halloween here. Even if you do go trick or treating you only see about five people dressed up. Our Christmas Eve is on the 24th as well. It’s smack bam in the middle of summer and it gets up to 40 degrees. My whole family are sitting by the pool having a barbeque and no we do not say “put another shrimp on the barby” we don’t even call them shrimps we call them prawns. Now here is a question for you how hot does your summer get?

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