5/6H’s Fun with Fairy Tales

In 5/6H we have been having some fun with fairy tales :). We have been reading fairy tales together then getting into small groups and taking on a specific fairy tale and changing it by altering the ending or the characters (or both). We have had some fantastic and very funny results :)! This activity has allowed students to be extremely creative and collaborative in working together to come up with new stories.


Keeping ourselves well :)

In 5/6H we have been talking about worries that can come up, particularly during this time of year with starting to think about the year ending and what will come next (high school for our wonderful grade 6s and the big step into grade 6 for our grade 5s).

We looked at some very powerful videos and talked about the things that can make us feel worried or anxious.

Please find below, a list of helpful tips to keep your mind and body strong and healthy as well as some helpful phone Apps for meditation, mindfulness and improved sleep.

Remember that some important things that help to keep us healthy are:
– sleeping well 
– regular exercise
– a balanced diet
– regular contact and interaction with family and friends
– talking about our problems/worries with a trusted adult
– doing meditation and mindfulness
– making time for activities that we enjoy
Helpful phone Apps for meditation, mindfulness and improved sleep
– ‘Relax Melodies’
– ‘Smiling Mind’
– ‘Dormio’
– Sleep Better’

dont-worry          autumn

Choir’s Big Gig :)!

Our beautiful choir have done so many great things this year, including performing in the Freedom Choir Festival and performing regularly for BUPA aged care residents. Now we are ready for our most important gig…..singing at Confirmation this Sunday! We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a rehearsal in the Church this Wednesday and now feel even more ready :). Thank you to all of those in choir who are able to make this event, you have shown huge commitment! Here are some of our lovely singers rehearsing. 

choir-1 choir-confirm


Confirmation Retreat Day

On Wednesday the 19th of October, all of our grade 6s who will be making their Confirmation this Sunday attended the Confirmation Retreat Day with St Kevin’s. We were lucky enough to be able to use the beautiful new Church and connected buildings for the day and were fortunate enough to have beautiful weather so that we could do some activities outside :). All students are to be commended on their wonderful and reflective behaviour and their positive engagement in all activities. Thank you very much to Miss Bugno and Mr Thomas for organising a fantastic day. We look forward to supporting you all on your special day this Sunday.

confirm-1 confirm-3

Choir ‘hot chip celebration’

As many of you know, last term our school choir participated in the Freedom Choir Festival. The girls all did such an amazing job and showed wonderful team work and commitment :). The girls were lucky enough to receive a nice reward from Mr Thomas, in the form of a hot chip lunch! We enjoyed the hot chips, some party food and some singing, great work girls :)!


5/6H ‘Teach a Skill’ sessions

In 5/6H this term we have started a session called ‘Teach a Skill’, where two students names are randomly drawn out and they get to teach the class a skill of their choice. We have learnt tap dancing, how to do different accents, how to make creative things and a whole heap of other fantastic skills. One of the favourite skills that we learnt was how to teach your dog some cool tricks, this was modeled to us by Indi and her beautiful dog Marcos. Marcos is a guide dog in training that Indi’s family have been taking really good care of and training so that he will be ready to become a guide dog soon. Thank you to Indi’s Mum Rebecca for bringing Marcos in, we always love seeing him :)!

indi-2 indi-1

Conference with charity Bahay Tuluyan and the 5/6s

On Friday the 5/6s were lucky enough to receive a visit from Catherine, Clare and some other members of the wonderful charitable organisation Bahay Tuluyan. This wonderful organisation does fantastic work helping people in the Philippines. As well as receiving valuable information, students participated in activities where they had to put themselves into the shoes of someone living in extreme poverty….it was a very eye opening experience. We learnt a lot from the day and thank Catherine, Clare and their team for coming to visit with us as their workshops linked in perfectly with out RE unit, The Common Good and gave us some great ideas of how we can help others.

conference 1 conference 2 conference 3

Spelling in 5/6 :)

In 5/6 we have had a really strong focus on our spelling. We have taken things back to basics with vowel sounds and all the different ways that we can make certain vowel sounds. For homework each student was to create a poster focusing on one of the vowel sounds, providing an example and a picture. We are hoping to share our great work with the Preps and 1/2s to help them learn more about spelling. Don’t they look great :)!


Maths problem solving in 5/6H :)

In 5/6H at the moment we are doing an ongoing project during our weekly maths problem solving sessions. We have split into groups of three and have to create/design a new attraction to bring more tourists to Melbourne. Some of our ideas include hosting the soccer World Cup, creating a Melbourne Disneyland and a Video Game World. It is great to see everyone being so enthusiastic about maths! In our session today we will be working on advertising and marketing. We will keep you updated on our progress.


IMG_1412 IMG_1414 IMG_1416

Visit to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) :)

As you know, during the last week of term 2, all of the grade 5/6s created some beautiful art work and held an art show to raise some money and gather donations for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. We raised $186 and collected lots of warm clothing and some food donations, a fantastic effort! During the holidays I went and visited the ASRC to deliver our donations, which they were very grateful for and I was lucky enough to be given a tour and find out about all of the fantastic work that the ASRC are doing. Congratulations again on your efforts and contributions and please have a look at the ASRC website below to see what other great work they are doing :).




Choir participation in the Freedom Choir Festival at St Kevin’s on Friday the 17th June

choir 2Well choir have been working extremely hard this term and in addition to our performance at Bupa earlier this term we have another Bupa performance coming up next week. More exciting than that though is the fact that we are participating in the Freedom Choir Festival at St Kevin’s on Friday the 17th of June. The girls should be extremely proud of their dedication and effort and we are all very much looking forward to tomorrow’s event :)!

Choir performances :)

Our choir group are continuing to grow in skill and confidence and were lucky enough to have two performance opportunities within a week of each other :). Last Wednesday we went to Bupa and performed five songs for the residents. The residents loved the performance and we decided we would like to perform for St Charles teachers and some friends, which we did this Monday. Our choir is now working towards a choir competition against other schools taking place on the 17th of June. Here are some photos from our performances :).

choir 3 Bupa-1 choir 2

Choir performances Bupa and assembly

We have created a choir group this year with students from grade 3 to grade 6. We have been learning and rehearsing very hard every Monday lunch time in preparation for our performance at Bupa retirement village.

Our performance at Bupa went extremely well, with Amazing Grace and Somewhere Over the Rainbow being the favourite songs for the residents (they liked Amazing Grace so much that they sang along with us and requested an encore, which we happily did).

The choir group were lucky enough to have the opportunity to perform two of their songs to the whole school before the Stations of the Cross today.

We are looking forward to more performances next term and already have two concerts scheduled in at Bupa :). Congratulations for the dedication shown by all students in the choir group! 

   choir 3choir 2choir

Fire Carrier Event

St Charles is very privileged to be a Fire Carrier school (Fire Carrier schools work together to come up with meaningful ways to recognise the history, culture and land rights of indigenous Australians and speak up on their behalf).

Last Tuesday, the 1st of March our four grade 5 Fire Carrier leaders headed to Amberley to learn more about indigenous history and culture and gain some ideas from other schools. Nicole, Erin, Isla and Alyssa a wonderful day! Here is a reflection from Isla and Alyssa.

‘We really enjoyed all of the activities that we did on the day. One activity was a bush talk, wh ere we learnt interesting facts about indigenous people and their land. Another activity explained how indigenous people lived before the first fleet arrived, we were shown interesting videos and maps in this activity.

We really enjoyed meeting people from other schools and got some great ideas after watching a video from another school, St Josephs in Mernda. The guest speakers were also really interesting, especially Shelley and her son Taj who designed special indigenous pattern socks for his footy club and raised a good amount of money from them.

Overall we had a fantastic day, learning lots and working together . We feel so proud to represent St Charles as Fire Carrier leaders.’

Fire carrier 1fire carrier 2

Christmas break up with BUPA and Roseville older buddies

Last week our grade 5s had their Christmas break up with their older buddies from BUPA and Roseville. The grade 5s treated their buddies to wonderful renditions of Silent Night, Jingle Bell Rock and the 12 days of Christmas (complete with wonderful and creative costumes they created themselves). On the day there was plenty of fun, food and laughter and it was a lovely way to celebrate another wonderfully successful year of our older buddies program.


Getting into the Christmas spirit with carols at Bunnings on Saturday

On Saturday a group of eleven grade 5/6 girls met Miss Hahn at Bunnings warehouse in Eltham, dressed in Christmas colours and sporting happy smiles. The girls did a wonderful job performing carols to the Bunnings shoppers and in addition to receiving lots of enthusiastic applause (including from Mr Thomas and his boys who came down to offer some support), they also received a $100 Bunnings gift voucher for the school. Well done on a great job girls :)!carols carols 2

Christmas Crew

Xmas treeThis term I have been spending every Wednesday lunch time with a group of students who are passionate about acting and singing and together we have been working on putting some Christmas performances together. The group have been working so well together and showing real commitment within rehearsals, it has been so much fun for all of us! We even have a few gigs lined up, including performing Christmas Carols at Bunnings  Warehouse in Eltham, performing our Christmas plays and songs for our grade 5’s older buddies from Roseville and BUPA and some of our plays and songs will be performed at carols. It is so fantastic that these students get a chance to perform and share their work. ********


Grade 5/6 Graduation

Well this year has gone far too fast and grade 6 graduation is now just around the corner! The grade 6s have been working hard on their graduation song and dance and everyone is showing their hidden dance talents (especially Rodney and Oliver ;)). Our 4 choreographers are doing a great job getting the girl’s part of the dance together. We are having a lot of fun in our noisy rehearsals ;). Mrs Ibrahim is also doing a great job of helping the grade 6s to get their scrapbooks together. We are all so excited about the night and can’t wait to see how it turns out! A special thanks to Paula Marchionno for all of her work getting the graduation booklets together.

Grad dance 1grad dance 3Grad photo-2

5/6 Visit from Fair Trade Australia

This week in 5/6 we received a visit from Erin from Fair Trade Australia to help teach us more about what Fair Trade is, which products are more ethical than others and what we can do as consumers to help the cause. In addition to learning some fantastic new information, we also played some fun games and did some quizzes. Students were so enthusiastic after this presentation that it has been decided that the 5/6s will run a Fair Trade session with the whole school, including education, games and activities. This date will be decided on and put on the calendar soon :).

Fair Trade-1 Fair Trade-2 Fair Trade 3 Fair Trade 4

5/6H showing the value of kindness to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

ASRCThis year 5/6H have established a relationship with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) and their visit from Abdi, a Somalian refugee earlier in the year has really stuck with them. The asylum seekers are in the children’s daily prayers and we thought it would be a nice thing to do to remind the asylum seekers that we care about them. This activity was linked to our values education and the value of kindness. The students certainly did show the value of kindness with these lovely pieces of work they put together :).

asrc-1 ASRC-2

5/6s visit to Ceres to learn about sustainability

Well today all the 5/6s headed to Ceres to learn all about sustainability. Despite the early rain it ended up a sunny and fun day and we covered topics including fair trade, food kilometers and did a really interesting session called ‘Australia 2030’, looking at how our behaviour now can have a big impact on how Australia looks in 15 years time. Students left the centre with some great ideas of simple things they can do to improve our environment and contribute positively to sustainability :).Ceres 1 Ceres 2 Ceres 4 Ceres 3

Crime Scene Investigation and Experiment presentations for Inquiry

Last week the 5/6s were busy presenting their inquiry projects to each other. Some of the crime scene investigations they put together were so tricky that they were hard for us to solve. The chemical science experiments presented were also very impressive, particularly the volcano made for Oliver K for his volcano eruption experiment. All students are growing so much in confidence with their presentation skills :)!

Post-CSI-Barrington.jpg (600×400)B007CJJW0Q-1.jpg (300×180)

Maths in the 5/6 area

This term in the 5/6 area we have streamed our students in maths to allow every student the opportunity to be challenged and extended. In my maths group students have been busily working on a task where they have to put a concert together, pay for a venue, performers and other costs and make as much money as they can from ticket prices, food and merchandise that they have designed. Students have all approached this task very enthusiastically and are revealing that they possess true business savvy 😉 (many have chosen to give up lunch times to get ahead on this task). Greg will be coming in to see their final business proposals this afternoon.

5/6s visit from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

Today (the 23rd of June) the 5/6s were lucky enough to have Jenn from the ASRC come and visit the level to talk to them about asylum seekers, misconceptions and the great work that the ASRC are doing. After Jenn’s talk, Sukdeep, a youth worker from the ASRC and a young 18 year old asylum seeker, originally from Somalia came and talked to 5/6H to thank them for the beautiful art work and letters of support that they sent to the asylum seekers. We welcomed our guests with a colourful sign and all wore yellow friendship bracelets as a sign of support and friendship. We presented Jenn with many bags worth of warm clothes, blankets and books, as well as a donation for $64. It was lovely for students to see what a difference their voices and empathy can make.

photo 3 (2) Donations friendship bracelets

Wednesday lunch time drawing club with 5/6s and some 3/4s :)

The talented girls and boys who are making it along to drawing club on Wednesday lunch times are producing some great work and having a great time doing so :).