5/6H establishing a relationship with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

A few weeks ago 5/6H were introduced to the ‘Road to Refuge’ website, following the stories of three young asylum seekers. Conversation soon followed about injustices and laws in Australia surrounding the way that people seeking asylum are treated. Upon receipt of the beautiful and thoughtful letters and art work from the class, two different representatives from the ASRC called me to thank them for the work and asked if they can come and speak to the children directly (a couple of the young asylum seekers themselves have expressed a strong interest in meeting the students to thank them personally). The students were very excited to see their work shared by the ASRC and they are looking forward to meeting representatives and giving them their generous donations of warm clothing, books, toothbrushes etc and finding out other ways they can be involved with the organisation :).

Post from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

“The grade 5/6s at St Charles Borromeo Primary School have created pictures of encouragement for people seeking asylum. These kids get it. We think they deserve a BIG like!

Donate to our Winter Appeal and help protect asylum seekers:https://goo.gl/eVGtFu

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)'s photo.

Road to Refuge website

On Saturday the 2nd of May I attended an asylum seeker discussion evening at St Kevin’s which raised some powerful questions about the messages that our children are receiving about ‘others’. At this meeting a fantastic website called Road to Refuge was shown and explained to us by the brilliant young woman that put it together. In 5/6H we looked at this website last week, which explored in detail the stories of three young people and the circumstances which led to them fleeing their countries. Students wrote powerful persuasive pieces urging our government to treat asylum seekers (over 90% of which end up being proven to be genuine refugees) better, it is fantastic to see what kind and genuine students we have at our school. We will be exploring this website further in our next reading rotations, if anyone is interested in exploring this website and helping clear up some negative stereotypes, here is the link: http://www.roadtorefuge.com/.

5/6H visit to meet Hugo our sponsored giant tortoise

On our way to camp tomorrow 5/6H will be stopping in to The Ballarat Wildlife Park to visit Hugo, the giant tortoise that the class (and Mr Thomas) sponsor. We are very much looking forward to meeting him and will add photos when we get back. If any other classes are interested in sponsoring an animal, the cost of sponsorship starts at $50 a year and is very valuable in helping look after the wildlife park’s many animals. Visit their website for more information: http://wildlifepark.com.au/ .

RE assembly with Margaret Fyfe from Caritas as our guest

The 5/6s ran the RE assembly this morning to share their reflections about Caritas day, thank the rest of the school for their support and present Margaret Fyfe from Caritas with a cheque for over $1100. It was fantastic that Margaret could come along, to not only accept the cheque but to share more information about Caritas and it’s current initiatives. Margaret also presented the school with a special candle and Certificate of Appreciation  It was wonderful to have Nicholas Moran share information with the school about how we can help raise money for Koala Kids, an organisation which helps to support children who are sick in hospital with cancer, great work Nicholas.

5/6 Caritas Day

Cakestall 1 Cakestall 3

Last Friday, the 17th of April the 5/6s ran a Caritas Day to provide education to students about the Caritas ‘Food For Life’ initiative and the importance of eating healthy food, as well as raising money to donate to Caritas. The 5/6 students all worked very hard to put the day together and did a fantastic job. 5/6C provided students with education about Caritas and ran fun activities, 5/6I ran a fun and lively restaurant where students could make their own tacos, while they danced and had lots of fun and 5/6H ran food stalls, including tasty smoothies, healthy fruit kebabs and delicious home baked goods. The day was a success and lots of fun, raising over $1100.00 for Caritas. Thank you so much to all of the other classes for supporting our day so enthusiastically :)!