Shrove Tuesday

Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday is the day before the start of Lent. On Shrove Tuesday, people feast before fasting for the 40 days of Lent. Today we were so lucky to be able to have some delicious pancakes cooked by some wonderful parents! 

In 1/2IC we learnt a Pancake Poem and we came up with actions for each line.

How did you celebrate Shrove Tuesday? 

Opening mass

Today our school community celebrated the beginning of our year together at mass with Father Gerry.

It was wonderful to see so many families join in this special occasion.

Our brilliant SRC Leaders received their badges and our AMAZING prayer cloths were presented. 

Introducing Miss C and Mr M!

Today in 5/6I we have two new teachers; Miss C (Imogen) and Mr M (Isaac). Both Imogen and Isaac chose to save and combine their bee reward charts to select the reward ‘teach the class for the day‘. Some of the activities they have planned are; macbook time, a sport lesson and mindfulness colouring. 

Miss Cremasco and Mr Mistica marking the roll this morning.

Miss C and Mr M marking the roll this morning.


This morning the Year 5/6 level led our Advent reflection. The second Advent candle was lit and this candle is called the ‘Bethlehem candle’. This candle reminds us that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. This candle is purple which reminds us that it was king who was born in a manger.

The Gospel was about John the Baptist preaching a message in the desert. We reflected on what this means for us today. The following questions were reflected upon; 

  • What does a peaceful and just world look like?
  • What does a peaceful and just world feel like?
  • What does a peaceful and just world sound like?

adv-4 advent




On Sunday 23rd October the Year 6 students were filled with the Holy Spirit at their confirmation. Each confirmation candidate chose a saint as a person they admire for how they lived their life and would like to be like. After our Confirmation workshop some students were inspired to select a saint that they believe show similar qualities to them.  Each student created a poster on their chosen saint. 

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Yesterday the Year 5/6 students were lucky to have Mr Thomas come in and teach them about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We also discussed the Pentecost story and the key messages in this significant scripture passage. The seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit are; Understanding, Wisdom, Knowledge, Piety (Reverence), Fear of the Lord (awe and wonder in God), Counsel (Right Judgement) and Fortitude (Courage)

Mr Thomas asked the students to reflect on the following questions; 

  • Which of the Gifts do you see most in yourself
  • Which of the Gifts do you see most in one of your teachers?
  • Which of the Gifts do you see most in your Mum or Dad

img_7468 img_7469 img_7470

Triple Jump Stars

It was great to witness so many talented triple jump athletes yesterday! We found out that it was very difficult to include a hop and skip/step before a giant jump into the pit of sand. Well done to all students who gave it a go even if it looked tricky. Isaac certainly had a lot of fun with his jump attempts!

Thanks to the wonderful student, parent and staff helpers I had on the day who assisted with measuring, raking and encouraging students!!

IMG_7008  IMG_7010


Year 5/6 BTN Home Learning Task- Olympics

This week biggest sporting event on the planet has kicked off. This is the 31st running of the modern Olympic Games! 

Mini Research Task 

Your task for this week is to carry out some research on the Olympic sport of your choice and post your information in the comment section for this post. 

You will need to include; 

  1. The name of the chosen Olympic sport
  2. A brief summary of the sport
  3. History of the sport in Australia
  4. Equipment needed
  5. Number of Australians competing in the sport at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
  6. Some fun facts about the sport
  7. Include one of your references. 

5/6I Class Mass

Today our class mass was held in the Library. The theme for our mass was ‘Friendship’. It was wonderful to have Father Gerry, 5/6C, 5/6H as well as teachers and special visitors celebrate mass with us. 

Below is the First Reading from Mass today… 

A Reading from the book of Sirach

Anyone can say they’re a good friend, but sometimes their actions say something different. Some people are only your friend when things are going well, but then they will turn against you when times get tough. A real friend will always be there to help you when you need it. Don’t forget who those special people are and be sure to be just a good friend to them in times of need too!

What do you think is the friendship message from this reading? 

IMG_4323 IMG_4324 (1)

SRC News

SRC News!
Thank you to everyone who helped make our Doncare food collection so successful. The great news is that we have exceeded our school goal with over 1600 items! WELL DONE EVERYONE!  It is great that we can help out people in our local community. 
Next Friday 24th June (last day of school) will be a themed free dress day. Our theme will be SPORTS. There will be a sport buddy activity on the day. Come to school in any sport clothes, here are some ideas of how you can come dressed; 
  • Footy colours/ footy player
  • Soccer team/ soccer player
  • Gymnast 
  • Netballer
  • Basketballer 
Please bring a gold coin donation for our annual Christmas appeal if you are coming dressed in your sports clothes. 

Doncare Collection

A BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Doncare item collection this term. Next week we are asking you to bring in some spreads such as; vegemite, jam etc. However, any items would be welcomed in the last week. 

We have one week to go and already have 1,432 items! This is an AMAZING effort. We have 68 more items until we have reached our target of 1500 items…WE CAN DO IT!!! If we reach our target, Mr Thomas is going to be cooking the whole school a barbeque. 

Thank you again for supporting our local community.

Together we have made a difference. 

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