Triple Jump Stars

It was great to witness so many talented triple jump athletes yesterday! We found out that it was very difficult to include a hop and skip/step before a giant jump into the pit of sand. Well done to all students who gave it a go even if it looked tricky. Isaac certainly had a lot of fun with his jump attempts!

Thanks to the wonderful student, parent and staff helpers I had on the day who assisted with measuring, raking and encouraging students!!

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Year 5/6 BTN Home Learning Task- Olympics

This week biggest sporting event on the planet has kicked off. This is the 31st running of the modern Olympic Games! 

Mini Research Task 

Your task for this week is to carry out some research on the Olympic sport of your choice and post your information in the comment section for this post. 

You will need to include; 

  1. The name of the chosen Olympic sport
  2. A brief summary of the sport
  3. History of the sport in Australia
  4. Equipment needed
  5. Number of Australians competing in the sport at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
  6. Some fun facts about the sport
  7. Include one of your references. 

5/6I Class Mass

Today our class mass was held in the Library. The theme for our mass was ‘Friendship’. It was wonderful to have Father Gerry, 5/6C, 5/6H as well as teachers and special visitors celebrate mass with us. 

Below is the First Reading from Mass today… 

A Reading from the book of Sirach

Anyone can say they’re a good friend, but sometimes their actions say something different. Some people are only your friend when things are going well, but then they will turn against you when times get tough. A real friend will always be there to help you when you need it. Don’t forget who those special people are and be sure to be just a good friend to them in times of need too!

What do you think is the friendship message from this reading? 

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SRC News

SRC News!
Thank you to everyone who helped make our Doncare food collection so successful. The great news is that we have exceeded our school goal with over 1600 items! WELL DONE EVERYONE!  It is great that we can help out people in our local community. 
Next Friday 24th June (last day of school) will be a themed free dress day. Our theme will be SPORTS. There will be a sport buddy activity on the day. Come to school in any sport clothes, here are some ideas of how you can come dressed; 
  • Footy colours/ footy player
  • Soccer team/ soccer player
  • Gymnast 
  • Netballer
  • Basketballer 
Please bring a gold coin donation for our annual Christmas appeal if you are coming dressed in your sports clothes. 

Doncare Collection

A BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Doncare item collection this term. Next week we are asking you to bring in some spreads such as; vegemite, jam etc. However, any items would be welcomed in the last week. 

We have one week to go and already have 1,432 items! This is an AMAZING effort. We have 68 more items until we have reached our target of 1500 items…WE CAN DO IT!!! If we reach our target, Mr Thomas is going to be cooking the whole school a barbeque. 

Thank you again for supporting our local community.

Together we have made a difference. 

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Mother’s Day Art

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mums and Grandmothers! 

In 5/6I we created a Mother’s Day card with pop up flowers. It was quite the challenge for everyone!! The end product looks very effective. Try it for yourself! We also shared why we love our Mums. Are you doing something special for your Mum and Grandmother today? 

Lanah and Imogen were VERY determined to get it right for their Mums!

Lanah and Imogen were VERY determined to get it right for their Mums!

Jess and Holly helped others as well as completing their own card!

Jess and Holly helped others as well as completing their own card!

Doncare food and item collection!

Each year at St Charles we help Doncare by collecting food and other items to help others in our local community. This term we are collecting food and items for our Annual Doncare Collection. This initiative is lead by the SRC and each year we work together to make a difference in the lives of others. We have decided to have weekly collections with specific items requested. Please see below for a schedule of the items we will be collecting each week for Doncare.  We ask that you bring in your items each week to your classrooms and we will collect them. Our collection will start on Monday.

Week 4 Tinned fruit, vegetables, soups and fish
Week 5 Dried Biscuits & Muesli Bars
Week 6 Noodles, Pasta, Rice and sauces 
Week 7 Coffee & Tea
Week 8 Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Week 9 Juice, longlife milk & breakfast supplies
Week 10 Spreads (vegemite, jam etc.)



Our school Easter Liturgy

Today we shared in the Stations of the Cross liturgy as a school community, lead by the Year 5/6 students. It was a time to reflect on the sacrifices Jesus made for all of us.


The Year 5/6 level  shared their own personal responses…

What Good Friday means to me…

It is about reflecting on the good actions that Jesus did and how Jesus died for us- Francesca

The stations of the cross is about showing the values of consideration as Jesus helped others and was crucified for us- Callum

Jesus died for us, it is a time to be kind to others- Amy

If I could choose a character I would be…

I would be Jesus because I’d like to show his values- Lanah

I’d choose Mary, because she’s kind and caring. Even though she knows her son is dying she has to accept it because he is sacrificing for us- Elena

I’d be Veronica because she helped Jesus and she felt sorry for him- Jemma

I’d choose Jesus because he shows respect for others- Dante.K

I’d be Simon because he helps and supports Jesus- Thomas & Erin

I’d be Jesus because I’d always put my family before me- Dom K

I’d choose Simon because he had the confidence to stand up to others- Catherine

What does Good Friday and the Easter journey mean to you?

If you could choose a character who would you be and why? 

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My Opinion is…

This term in 5/6 we have been participating weekly in ‘My Opinion is…’ It is sort of like our version of show and tell but with weekly topics! The 5/6’s have been so impressive with their creative responses and the way in which they challenged themselves to improve from feedback given. In 5/6I, we went outside in the sunshine to listen to some student’s speeches. What have you learnt from participating in ‘My Opinion is…’ each week? 

Enjoying the sunshine and listening to a speech

Enjoying the sunshine and listening to a speech

SRC Bus Stop

The SRC have kicked off the year with their first initiative…Bus Stop! Bus Stop is a SRC lead initiative that arose from discussion around children feeling lonely or not having anything to do during lunchtime. Bus stop consists of two student chosen activities that run each Wednesday lunchtime. This week’s bus stop activities were; drawing and soccer. A BIG thanks to all the SRC reps who helped set up and run these activities yesterday. Did you participate in Bus Stop? 

Here are the Bus Stop activities for the rest of this term; 

Week 7- Basketball and Bowling

Week 8- No Bus Stop (public holiday)

Week 9- Footy & Origami 

IMG_4877 IMG_4878

Year 5 Visit to Roseville

Today some of the Year 5 students visited Roseville to meet their new buddies. Our visit to Roseville is a part of our Buddy Program. The feedback and buzz from the students on the way back indicated how much they enjoyed their first visit!

Sid with his buddies- Sebastian, Isla, Michael and Nicole.

Sid with his buddies- Sebastian, Isla, Michael and Nicole.

Phyllis, Carmel and Maureen with their buddies- Mia, Portia and Aaliyah.

Phyllis, Carmel and Maureen with their buddies- Mia, Portia and Aaliyah.

Jona and John with their buddies- Giselle, Chelsea and Daniel.

Jona and John with their buddies- Giselle, Chelsea and Daniel.

SRC Training with Kate!

Today our wonderful SRC reps participated in a training day with the equally wonderful Kate Wilde. It was a great day where the SRC reps from each class got to know each other a little better through fun team building games. There was lots of rich discussion throughout the day about how we can improve St Charles. The students worked really hard in small teams to brainstorm and begin planning four improvement actions for this term. Stay tuned…the SRC team have some exciting projects coming up!

SRC Reps and Kate

SRC Reps and Kate

Playing the 'Compassion Game'

Playing the ‘Compassion Game’

Team building game

Team building game


This week it has been wonderful to see the way the Year 6 buddies have welcomed and helped their Prep buddies settle into school life at St Charles. There has been lots of care, kindness and responsibility shown to ensure that the Prep students have had the best possible start to school. It has been delightful to see the Year 6 students help their buddies put their shoes on and encourage the preps to make new friends. Yesterday, we had our first buddy activity together and the Year 6 and Prep buddies had to draw each other! Well done to all the buddies on a great first week at school. 


Buddies hard at work!!!

Buddy Fun

Today the Year 5/6 and Prep buddies were treated to a fun activity morning thanks to the kids program ‘Kaboom!’ A big thanks to Luke from Kaboom for coming and running an action packed and FUN morning of outdoor buddy activities. It was fabulous to see the huge smiling faces and funky dance moves this morning. What a great end of year buddy activity!!

IMG_3925 IMG_3930 IMG_3936


Yesterday the Year 6 students along with Mr Thomas, Miss Hahn, Mrs Camilleri and Mrs Ibrahim went on the BIG day out. we went to the Kew Pools, Lygon St for pizza and gelati and finished off at bowling. The Year 6 students had an awesome day and it was a great celebration to finish off the year for these fabulous class of 2015!!

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Sian Wilson Friendship Award

At our graduation ceremony each year we remember Sian Wilson through the Sian Wilson Friendship award. This special award is given to two Year 6 graduating students (one boy and one girl) each year. The two students who are awarded the Sian Wilson Friendship award, are those who show kindness, care and love to all students and staff. This year the recipients of this wonderful award are Phenix and Carla. Congratulations to these VERY worthy Year 6 students.

The beautiful Sian.

The beautiful Sian.

Claire, Phenix, Carla and Mark.

Claire and Mark (Sian’s parents) with Phenix and Carla. 

Year 6 Graduation

Last night, we celebrated the Graduating Class of 2015. The Year 6 students did an amazing job at leading the night and it was a wonderful celebration of the Year 6 student’s journey at St Charles Borromeo. We began the night with a beautiful mass lead by Father Gerry and continued with a celebration in our school hall.

Some Year 6 students reflected on the night…

‘I think the best part was when Carla and Phenix got the Sian Wilson Friendship Award’- Olivia 

‘It was a night to remember, my favourite part was when we got to perform our song, dance and got to share with our parents our scrapbooks’- Alessia 

‘I liked the slideshow of photos at the end’- Sharni 

‘I think many parents also enjoyed the night and liked reflecting on our journey in primary school’- Clarece 

‘The most memorable part was when I received the Sian Wilson award. I felt honored to get the award’- Phenix 

Year 6 students at the end of mass.

Year 6 students at the end of mass. We ended mass with a beautiful rendition of our school song. 

Students, parents and teachers enjoying the Year 6 graduation celebration.

Students, parents and teachers enjoying the Year 6 graduation celebration.

Bucket filling was a highlight of the night! The students shared heartfelt messages and filled each other's bucket!

Bucket filling was a highlight of the night! The students shared heartfelt messages and filled each other’s bucket!

Rounders Final

IMG_3689Yesterday, the Year 5/6 girls rounders team played in their final against Serpells Primary School. The girls played very well and with courage against a very tough, skilled and experienced opponent! The friendly match they played at the end was fun and allowed the teams to mix up and get to know the Year 5/6 Serpells girls. One student even recognised Alessia from kinder!!! Well done to the girls rounders team, you did St Charles proud!

IMG_3695 IMG_3697

Maths in the great outdoors!

IMG_3681In 5/6I we currently have a student teacher from ACU with us, Miss Paolilli! We have enjoyed having her in our class and especially have loved the engaging and fun Maths lessons she has planned.

This week, Miss Paolilli took the students outside for a maths probability lesson. The Year 5/6 students LOVED going outside and learning about the probability of scoring goals in basketball. Once back inside, the 5/6I students worked out the average, fraction and percentage for their scores. They then represented their data in a graph!

IMG_3662  IMG_3664

Showing Confidence!

This week in 5/6I we have been learning the value of confidence! We created role plays showing times when we lack confidence and times when we show confidence. Speaking in front of others was a common time when we struggled to show confidence! We thought of some strategies that we could use when we are in these situations.


Showing confidence!


Public speaking can be a time when we need to show confidence.