Girls & football – a winning combination

DSC_5284Thanks to Tracey for these great photos of the girls football day. You can see they had a great time and we are grateful to Kayden, Zac, Jake and Daniel for their coaching .

We were very appreciative for the gift of a free football from Kylie from the Templestowe Dockers for EVERY GIRL!

They are keen to encourage girls to play football so if you have a daughter who has always wanted to play footy – we have a local club to look after you. Ask any girl who played and they can tell you how much fun it was.DSC_5280DSC_5278

Pocket rocket

FullSizeRender (34)

In the school holidays my family and I went to the Sports museum at the MCG. This girl is Monette Russo. She competed at the Olympic games in 2004 in artistic gymnastics. In 2006 she won GOLD at the Commonwealth Games. She is now 27 years old. She’s only 149cms tall but that can be a huge advantage for a gymnast. She grew up nearby in Ringwood. She hopes to make a career in the media. She couldn’t have been a nicer person and we chatted to her for a long time.

The Karate kid


Sofia M. loves to do martial arts. She has been doing Karate for years. As you progress in Karate, you do gradings. You are awarded stripes on your belt and then different coloured belts.

IMG_5441 (2)

Sofia M. loves her sport and I hope she keeps going until she is a black belt.

Cross country results

Congratulationimage1 (1)s to Zane M. for winning his race. He now qualifies to run at the district cross country event to be held at the Yarra Glen race course on the 7th of June. We know that he will represent us with distinction.

Julian K. finished 11th in his race and has been named emergency for the race in Yarra Glen.

I was very proud of the efforts of the following students:

Holly, Lani, Amy, Jake, Daniel K., Callum, Joshua T., Kayden, Julian K., Zane M., Isla, Alyssa, Elena, Chase, Isaac, Sebastian R., Oliver, Summer, Bianca M., Sabina, Chloe R., Sienna B. Chloe K., Ava H., Caitlin, Greta, Alexis, Lucas F., Dylan, Oscar C., Anthony C., Ned, Nicholas M., Ethan, Zane E., George G., Alexander R. and Anthony S.

I am very grateful for the assistance of Francine, Margot and Narelle who acted as marshalls.

Thanks also to Mr. C. and Mrs. I.


After trials at St. Charles, we have been able to choose students who can run 2 or 3 kilometres. If students are 9/10, then they run 2 kilometres. If they are 11/12 years old, they run 3 kilometres.

Students will be running this Thursday the 19th from 12:30pm at Ruffey Lake Park.

It was wonderful to see students and parents/carers cheering on competitors at the recent trials.

It would be great to have support for our students. If you can come and encourage them, that would be wonderful.

Mixed/Boys rounders do us proud


Last Thursday, our mixed/boys rounders team walked down to Rieschiecks Reserve to determine the winner of our district. There was a playoff between Doncaster Gardens, Templestowe Valley and St. Charles to determine the winner. Doncaster Gardens beat us comfortably but the game against Templestowe Valley was very close.
I was very proud of the camaraderie, good sportsmanship and skill level exhibited by our students.
Michael, George, Marcus, Hayden, Dominic K., Dominic H., Adam, Fabian and Daniel D. were great ambassadors for our school. Sadly, Sebastian R. did not play due to a family bereavement. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Thanks to Dominic H. for being our super sub.

Last call for rookies and also FREE ticket offer for Magpies v. Bulldogs

rookieI will be mailing these rookie offers next Monday. If you would like to sign up then there are still forms at the office.

For the first people to comment telling me how much they love the MAGPIES or … bulldogs – I have 21 free tickets to the Magpies v. Bulldogs at the M.C.G. on Sunday the 29th of May.


The tickets are up high in the Ponsford stand on level 4 – section Q35. They are undercover. The first people to comment and saying how many tickets they need will win this offer. First in – best dressed!

Favourite activity of many was the GIANT swing









In the first photo you can see that Sebastian has been hauled “to the top” by his team who are encouraging him. In the second photo, Sebastian has pulled the cord and he is now plummeting down. In the third photo, he is at the apex of his flight. Even though he was nervous and anxious beforehand (like everyone else), Sebastian was able to conquer his fear and have an absolute adrenaline rush. The only regret students had was that they could only have one turn. We learnt that sometimes our worries are unfounded. Next time you see a power pole in the street – that’s how high they were!

What we are doing in P.E.


In Prep we are running, hopping and skipping. In skipping, I talk about “Hop, swap, hop, swap.” You can see in the photos how Lucia hops and swaps to the other foot. She has great technique. We will also be looking at the skill of kicking a ball.
In 1/2 we are revising running, hopping and skipping. They are learning the component parts of kicking a soccer ball and also learning to kick an A.F.L. ball. They are learning the skills of the dodge and the leap and how these skills can be used in a game situation.
In 3/4 students are revising the skills of kicking (soccer ball) and the punt (A.F.L. ball). They are learning the skills of volleyball. They are able to run in the cross country trials. 3/4 students are expected to run 2 kilometres. Students must be nine or older in this calendar year to trial.
In 5/6 we are revising skills that may be needed in winter interschool sports. We are revisiting skills used in soccer, volleyball, A.F.L. footy, tee ball, and netball. We are refining our technique for cross country running. One of our best cross country runners is Zane. His advice is to concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing and to conserve energy to finish strongly. Don’t fall into the trap of sprinting at the beginning. Students in 5/6 are invited to trial for cross country. 5/6 students will trial for 3 kilometres

Leadership at St. Charles and Collingwood

FullSizeRender (9)At St. Charles we have leaders and at Collingwood they have leaders too.
Brodie Grundy, Adam Oxley, Steele Sidebottom and Tim Broomhead talked us about how they elected players to leadership positions at their club. They used a 3,2,1 system like the Brownlow medal. They asked us why we thought we may have been voted or chosen to be leaders. They talked to us about being accountable to each other. They talked about how important relationships were and why they were important. An example they gave was if we saw a person bullying – how important it was to have a relationship with that person so you could hold them accountable for their words and actions. They talked about integrity and how it was not enough to talk the talk but also walk the walk.

Leadership talk by Collingwood players starting at 10:40am tomorrow

cold piesCollingwood has the greatest following of any club in the land. They are loved by many and despised by the rest.
Back in February, the 3/4 students were fortunate enough to have a visit from Travis Varcoe, Jamie Elliott, Brent Macaffer and Adam Treloar. They were wonderful ambassadors for the club and they helped run a clinic and answered all the questions posed to them by the students. Now it is the turn of the 5/6 children to have a visit from the players. We don’t know which players are coming but we do know what they will be doing at our school. Leadership is an area AFL clubs take very seriously. Brent Macaffer is a player who was elected to the Leadership group by his fellow players. It is timely for the 5/6 students as we head off to camp this week where we need to work together. We need to support each other especially when we are under stress, nervous, anxious or challenged. We have a great opportunity to talk to players who are under the microscope. We have a chance to ask them how they cope when they’re under pressure. Miss Hahn is not allowed to ask any questions – she can just sit up the back grinning like the Cheshire cat. I will bring tissues for Mrs Ibrahim and myself.

Rounders grand final


I have just been sent the results of the summer interschool sport and I am delighted to tell you that the boys rounders team has made the grand final. We do have to play a mini round robin against Doncaster Gardens Blue and Templestowe Valley to progress. Please wish them the best of luck in their games. The anticipated date is Thursday the 14th of April although this is not confirmed with all the other teams yet. As soon as I find out, I will let you know

Fantastic effort by swimming team

swimmingOn Friday the 19th of February, 34 St. Charles students went to Aquarena to represent our school at the Interschool swimming competition. We were swimming against students who swam every morning before school and students who were swimming State times. The competition was a very high standard indeed and our students gave their very best in all their races. Whilst I was very proud of the camaraderie shown and the encouragement given by so many of our students, I would like to highlight some great performances. Emi (5/6H) will represent our school at the Division Competition this coming Monday the 29th of February in butterfly. I’m sure you will join me in wishing her the very best and know that she will give her best effort and make us proud that she is representing our school.
There were many other great performances where students achieved a place in their races.
The following students achieved an improvement over their trial times:
In freestyle Kayden improved by 2 seconds, Lani by 3 seconds, Zane by 2 seconds, Oliver by 3 seconds, Chase by 3 seconds, Elena by 4 seconds, Bianca by 5 seconds, Anja by 5 seconds, Thomas by 2 seconds, Chelsea by 6 seconds and Anthony S. by 8 seconds.
In backstroke Lani improved by 3 seconds, Jessica by 8 seconds, Isaac by 7 seconds, Sarina by 13 seconds and Caitlin by 13 seconds.
In breaststroke Emi improved by 3 seconds, Jemma by 2 seconds, Kana by 3 seconds, Massimo P. by 7 seconds, Ariella by 4 seconds, Sarina by 6 seconds, Adelle by 3 seconds, Elena by 4 seconds and Marcus by 10 seconds.
In butterfly Emi improved by 5 seconds and Greta improved by 7 seconds.
Thanks to the many parents who came to assist and support our students. It’s just another example of the great community spirit at St. Charles