Fantastic effort by swimming team

swimmingOn Friday the 19th of February, 34 St. Charles students went to Aquarena to represent our school at the Interschool swimming competition. We were swimming against students who swam every morning before school and students who were swimming State times. The competition was a very high standard indeed and our students gave their very best in all their races. Whilst I was very proud of the camaraderie shown and the encouragement given by so many of our students, I would like to highlight some great performances. Emi (5/6H) will represent our school at the Division Competition this coming Monday the 29th of February in butterfly. I’m sure you will join me in wishing her the very best and know that she will give her best effort and make us proud that she is representing our school.
There were many other great performances where students achieved a place in their races.
The following students achieved an improvement over their trial times:
In freestyle Kayden improved by 2 seconds, Lani by 3 seconds, Zane by 2 seconds, Oliver by 3 seconds, Chase by 3 seconds, Elena by 4 seconds, Bianca by 5 seconds, Anja by 5 seconds, Thomas by 2 seconds, Chelsea by 6 seconds and Anthony S. by 8 seconds.
In backstroke Lani improved by 3 seconds, Jessica by 8 seconds, Isaac by 7 seconds, Sarina by 13 seconds and Caitlin by 13 seconds.
In breaststroke Emi improved by 3 seconds, Jemma by 2 seconds, Kana by 3 seconds, Massimo P. by 7 seconds, Ariella by 4 seconds, Sarina by 6 seconds, Adelle by 3 seconds, Elena by 4 seconds and Marcus by 10 seconds.
In butterfly Emi improved by 5 seconds and Greta improved by 7 seconds.
Thanks to the many parents who came to assist and support our students. It’s just another example of the great community spirit at St. Charles

34 swimmers qualify for district swimming

swimmingAfter taking over 50 students to our swimming trials, we now have 34 swimmers competing against other schools on Friday the 19th of February.
We have Gemma, Kayden, Anja, Jemma, Chase, Lani, Thomas C.,Imogen, Marcus, Alexia, Holly, Dominic H., Oliver H., Ava H., Jessica, Ariella, Dante K., Nicole, Zane, Caitlin, Callum, Bianca, Isaac, Massimo, Emi, Kana, Georgia S., Olivia, Anthony S., Greta, Elena, Chelsea, Adelle and Sarina

Magpies make a flying visit


Last week the 3/4 students were lucky to have a free clinic hosted by the Collingwood AFL team. We were fortunate to have Brent Macaffer, Travis Varcoe, Jamie Elliott and Adam Treloar help us with kicking, handball and marking. They finished the session with a Q & A session. We found out that Jamie’s nickname is Billy and that if he wasn’t a footballer, he would be back on the farm driving the tractor and looking after the cows. Travis had a great sense of humour (you can tell from the photo!), Adam was happy to be back in Melbourne and Brent enjoyed playing basketball in the off season. Brent offered to take this photo.

Collingwood players set to visit on Tuesday

collingwood cartoon
Collingwood players are set to visit our 3/4 students on Tuesday the 9th of February from 2:30pm till 3:30pm. If students would like to bring something special to be signed, then they would be most welcome. We don’t know which players are going to turn up but they will be conducting a clinic. The time they are coming to visit coincides with 3/4 P.E. lessons so it made sense to offer this clinic to that level.
As part of the regulations for coaching a clinic, students may not use their own mobile phones to take photos. School staff will use iPads or cameras to take photos which can then be shared with students later on.

Personal Best


These are just some of Chloe’s ribbons from Little Athletics. I really love the concept of personal best – always trying to improve on your previous efforts and performances. A great goal for everyone is to go for your personal best – it might be good enough to win but if it’s not, you can be satisfied that you did your best.



After seeing this piece of equipment at the start of the year demonstrated at a professional development day, I was very excited to be able to use it with the 3/4 level last week. It can really hone our catching skills and we can also use it for hitting using rounders, baseball or cricket bats and tennis racquets. Last week we used it indoors with tennis balls and practised catching using our fingers and hands – not on our chest.

Thanks to Paul Baldwin for his expert coaching


For the last 4 lessons the 3/4 students have been learning the component parts of tennis – the forehand, backhand, volley and serve. Tomorrow we put it all together and play some games against each other. Some students have brought their own racquets. Some students have had lessons previously or are currently having lessons. Regardless of their previous experience, we have witnessed an improvement in skills. Paul is an excellent coach and we have been lucky to partner with him in learning the skills of tennis.

Tennis with 3/4

Tennis-Ball-psd33510We were fortunate to obtain a grant that enables our 3/4 students to have professional tennis coaching this term at Serpell Tennis Club with Paul Baldwin. The program will give students the chance to progress in their skills whether they are beginners or have had lots of experience. We will also have funds to cover the cost of purchasing equipment to support the program.

Sport quiz

Match these Australian National teams with their nickname:

Men’s rugby league –
Men’s rugby union –
Men’s soccer –
Women’s soccer –
Netball –
Men’s basketball –
Women’s basketball –
Swimming –
Men’s field hockey –
Women’s field hockey –

Diamonds, Wallabies, Socceroos, Hockeyroos, Boomers, Kangaroos, Dolphins, Kookaburras, Matildas, Opals.

First correct entry wins a prize!

The sporting talents that our students have


I am always impressed by how many different activities that our students take part in when they are not at school.
Ben D. from 3/4 loves basketball and I asked him to bring in his trophy. There are students who are involved in martial arts, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, netball, soccer, football, dance, tennis, athletics, cheerleading, baseball, golf and many more. Involvement in sport is great for your fitness and general wellbeing but it also develops teamwork – an important life skill.

Some more P.E. tips

Here are some more tips to keep you being sporty:

TIP 3: Foster everyday sport activity at home and be an effective support provider. Limit screen time at home. Provide a positive encouragement for sporting activity and get involved.

TIP 4: Insist on the right sport format and equipment. Sporting Schools provides a great choice of appropriate sport formats for primary school children that are lots of fun. Buy the right sized equipment.

TIP 5: Sample and have fun! Resist the temptation for your child to specialise in one sport too early. Sampling a large range of sports, at least until the age of 15, is likely to assist the development of a full range of sporting skills, coordination and control. It also minimises the risks of overuse injuries and allows kids to work out which sports they like most.

Sporting Schools launched today

We are happy to announce that we have applied for funding to promote two sports in our school for term 3 and 4. In Term 3 the 5/6 students will be taking part in a netball program and in term 4 the 3/4 students will be taking part in a tennis program. There are plenty of tips to encourage us to be sporty As part of the launch, Sporting Schools also offered up tips for parents to help them nurture their child’s sporting development:

TIP 1: Foster a full range of fundamental movement skills. This includes kicking or hitting a ball, running, jumping, climbing and basic aquatic skills.

TIP 2: Promote play by setting up diverse and stimulating environments at home. Use a variety of areas around the home, like the backyard or even the hallway, to play. Provide a variety of sports equipment. Encourage ambidexterity (use of limbs on both sides of the body).

Future Matildas

The Australian soccer/football team is currently doing us very proud in the World Cup.

In 1/2B this is a possible future starting lineup renowned for their skill, fitness, determination and courage:
Sienna, Elena, Jacinta, Tayah, Macy, Georgia, Olivia, Cecilia, Stephanie, Chiara and Allegra.
At the opening ceremony, Adelle and Ariella would captivate the crowd with a skillful performance.

In 1/2C the starting 11 would be Paige, Sophie, Madeline, Alessia, Elyssia, Zhalia, Mikayla, Ava, Eloise, Hannah and Isabella. If anyone was injured and needing assistance, they could rely on great care from Piper, Aimee and Mae.

In 1/2K the starting lineup would be Evie, Alexia, Chloe, Felicity, Maiah, Olivia, Sienna, Indianna, Stefania, Talia and Alexis. Bethanny and Marie would be in charge of singing the National Anthem at the award ceremony.

Preps love “Hippity hopping”

After using the Hippity hopers in our football/soccer lesson we used them to have a race.

After using the Hippity hoppers in our football/soccer lesson we used them to have a race. We had been using a soccer ball to kick into the Hippity Hoppers to see how far we could move the large red balls. Kyna remembered hopping on one at kindergarten. Many of the children had used one before. Some called them “Space hoppers”. After having a rehearsal to remind us how to use them, we had a relay race. I was very proud of the way the students encouraged each other.

The dreaded Beep Test

Overwhelmingly the 3/4 students approached “The Beep Test” with a positive “can do” attitude. We are hoping to use this test of cardiovascular fitness for students from year three up into the future and we will record the students results. Hopefully they can set personal best scores as they progress through the school. I was very proud of all the students who did their very best to achieve as high a score as possible. In fact, there were some students who had to be told repeatedly that it was time to have a rest. I’ll just share a few very impressive results:
Connor 8.4
George, Alastair & Isla 7.5
Ben & Anthony 7.4
Oscar 7.3
Nicole 7.2
There were some students who were absent or unwell or injured and we will let them try “The Beep Test” at a later date.


The 1/2s and the 3/4s enjoyed running on the oval last week. The Preps ran in the hall. I was very impressed by the effort shown by all students. After running his 50 metre sprint, Michael B. asked if he could run around the oval. He did 4 laps! Definitely a future cross country star for St. Charles.