imageCHE ORA È?

What’s the time? The students in Years 3 and 4 have been learning how to tell the time in Italian this term. Along with learning the day, date and weather last term they can now state all of the information below about Rome. Bravi ragazzi.

Oggi è giovedì 5 Novembre 2015. Sono le undici e due minuti. Fa bel tempo. È l’autunno. La temperatura è diciotto gradi.


In Italian class,  the  Grade 3 and 4 students have been learning how to describe the weather.

They used this knowledge to write a weather forecast for the main cities of Italy and then present it

orally to the class. This activity allowed the students to use the language they had learnt in context.

Molto bravi ragazzi!


image            image



The Grade 1/2s have been learning about the Italian alphabet this term. They have learnt that it has only 21 letters, the letters make different sounds and some have different names to the letters of English alphabet. The students also enjoy singing the song ‘L’Alfabeto Italiano’ by Nadia Cavallo.

Alla prossima !



Trenta giorni

Click on “Trenta giorni”above to see students from 3/4C practising the poem  “Thirty days has September” in Italian class this week. The Italian version is a little different from the English however it has the same meaning. Fantastico! Excellent pronounciation.


Italian news

image image image

During the month of July in Australia it is salsicce and salami time for many Italians. Families get together to chop, mince and mix their ingredients to make sausages, salami, prosciutto and capocollo for their families to eat during the year. Here are some photos from Signora Di Muzio’s family sausage day.

Che buono!

Our Italian Fashion Parade



On the 23rd of June all the 5/6s did an Italian fashion show. We all had to bring our own clothes from home to wear on the day. The whole school came and any parents that wanted to. We all had a lot of fun showing off our outfits and reading the description of it. We all liked having the chance to be a model and do a pose at the end. The whole school enjoyed it and the preps had a laugh when seeing their 5/6 buddies!

Written by Alana & Yasmin 5/6H


This term the 1/2s have been reading fairy tales in Italian. Here is one of our favourites.image

‘La gallinella rossa’ is the story of the little red hen and the students have enjoyed singing the song from the story ‘Forza Forza’ as well. They have learnt the animal names from the story in Italian as well including il cane, il gatto, la gallina, il coniglio, l’asino, il cavallo, il gallo, i pulcini, l’ oca and la pecora.


imageThe students in 5/6 are learning about “La moda” (Clothing and fashion) in Italian this term. They have been designing an outfit for themselves and describing it in Italian. Later this term we hope to put on a fashion show( Una sfilata di moda) for you all to enjoy. A presto.




This term in Italian the students are learning about Italy and it’s important cities and historical landmarks. If you or anyone in your family has visited Italy please bring along a photo, souvenir or story to share with the class.