Natural Resources

During this week the preps have been learning about natural resources. We broke into groups and made a 3D display to put on our wall. We have learnt that a natural resource is something that the Earth creates and we can use these resources to help us live.  Here is a photo of our display wall. 

Sweet Treat Shop

In InquiRE we have been learning about ways we can walk in Jesus’ footsteps. We helped our community by doing Doncare and we would like to help the world. We want to help the children in Vanuatu.

We would like to raise money for these children and we will be running a sweet treat shop. A sweet treat shop is a shop where the preps will sell yummy sweets. Here are some photos of us making our poster for around the school.

Keep watching the blog for more posts with information about this sweet treat shop!!



Our Fun Week Doing Book Week

This week is BOOK WEEK!! It has been a week of getting our hands messy with all of our craft activities. We read a book each day and followed on with an activity; we have made snow, snowflakes, a nanny, a seagull and a bookmark. Even though we made mess, we know how to clean it up! Here are some photos of us during book week.  



A New Teacher in Town

Yesterday in Inquiry a special new teacher came and taught the Preps about being a scientist. Mr Xavier took over Miss Jewson’s job because of his fantastic knowledge of what scientist do; ask questions, make predictions, observe and record.

He was so amazing that Mr Thomas gave him the principal’s position at St Charles!! Congratulations and welcome to the new staff member, Mr Xavier.

The Lost Sheep

In InquiRE, we have been focusing on the parables of Jesus. We read the story ‘The Lost Sheep’ and spoke about how God is our shepherd and we are his sheep. We spoke about times or actions that we might have done to make us a lost sheep like saying mean things and how we can resolve these actions.

Here is a photo of our sheep we made.


Being a disciple of Jesus

In Prep both classes have been exploring ways we can be more like a disciple. We made ourselves into a disciple and responded to the sentence ‘I can be more like a disciple by…’ 

Here are some photos of an action that we can do now to be more like a disciple. 

 How can you be more like a disciple?

Buddies: St Patrick’s Day

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day the prep and grade 6 buddies met one of our Kimochis called ‘Clover’. Clover reminds us that sometimes we can forget things, we can be a bit careless and sometimes things don’t always go our way but we still need to think positively and keep trying our hardest. Make a comment on a time when you have felt this way and what did you do to change your thinking?

Here are some photos of us making Clover together. 


Prep Faith Night

Last night the preps had their Faith Night. We were lucky enough to have Helen as our speaker who gave the preps the opportunity to draw a God moment. All the drawings were beautiful and this activity showcased our preps understanding of God. Thank you to Helen for your knowledge and to the parents who came to this evening. 

Here are some photos of the night. 

Mindfulness Lesson

In 1/2J we have broken into small groups to organise and run a 15 minute ‘Mindfulness Lesson’. Our first group presented today. Our focus was mindfulness colouring in. The children enjoyed listening to the music and colour in animals. The group chose animals because we are going to the zoo on Friday. Great job Caleb, Maiah, Kalita and Lily. 


img_9028 img_9029 img_9030 img_9031

Science Experiment in 1/2J

As part of our science unit we have been conducting science experiments in 1/2J. This week we have been exploring floating and sinking. We were in groups and we had a container filled with water. We had to predict what items would float and sink. We used a paperclip, a volleyball, a ping pong ball and a bottle top. Then once we finished our prediction and we could start testing and observing what happened. 

Here are some photos of us doing our experiment.

IMG_8210 IMG_8211 IMG_8213  IMG_8215  IMG_8218

Football Player Visit

On the first day back of Term 3 the 1/2 level was lucky enough to have a special guest. Shaun Atley (Lily’s cousin from 1/2J) is a North Melbourne football player who came into our school to talk to us about his sport.  We asked a bucket full of questions about being a football player and Shaun was fantastic at answering them. We found out that any Collingwood player is his enemy and his favourite football team was St Kilda when he was little. 

IMG_8141 IMG_8144 IMG_8145

Breathing Buddies

The 1/2 year level have gotten their creative minds working and have made their own breathing buddies for mindfulness time.  1/2J use our buddies to help us with our deep breathing and improve our concentration level. We love our breathing buddies!! 

IMG_7979 (1)       IMG_7978 (1)      IMG_7977 (1)

IMG_7797     IMG_7796    IMG_7791

1/2J 3D Shape Creations

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and today we worked hard on creating 3D shapes using icy pole sticks. This task was not easy especially because the sticks kept falling down. However with a lot of team work and problem solving each group created a shape. 

Here are some photos of our shapes! 

IMG_7623 IMG_7625 IMG_7627 IMG_7631


IMG_7629 IMG_7630 IMG_7632IMG_7635






What is your favourite 2D or 3D shape? 

Someone Who Is Special To Me

This week in our InquiRE unit we have been talking about my family and we have created an artwork to show a special someone what they mean to us. We used the sentence My _____ is special to me because____

It was beautiful to hear all the lovely things about our family members and why so many people are special to the 1/2J class. We hope that you can come on in and have a look at our work in the next couple of weeks and definitely check out if you’re our special someone.

In the comments let 1/2J know who is special to you and why?

IMG_7460 (1) IMG_7461 (1) IMG_7462 IMG_7463

Buddie Reading Time

Last Thursday 1/2J was lucky to have Buddy Time with 3/4KC. It was such a beautiful day that the classes decided to go and read our favourite books to each other. Everyone had such a lovely time reading and talking about what is happening in our picture books that time went so quick! Here are some photos of our time together.



IMG_0006 (1)
IMG_0007 (1) IMG_0021 (2)

I wonder what is your favourite book to read with your buddy? Let us know in the comment 🙂

1/2J’s Joy Wall

In 1/2J we have been exploring our emotions and how our emotions impact on our choices. We began by watching the movie ‘Inside Out’ and have been focusing on the main characters. The main characters are joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger. We have been focusing on each emotion in our InquiRE times. We have created a joy wall where we have made the character joy out of paper plates and wrote two sentences about times we have felt joy and seen joy. Here are some of our sentences.

I have felt joy when my friends play with me. –Estelle

I have felt joy when I went to the beach house. – Mila

I have seen joy when my cousins comes over. – Alfie

I have felt joy when I first saw nibbles.- Lily

I have felt joy when my sister was born. – Oscar

I have seen joy when my friends play with me. – Maiah

I have seen joy when people score a goal. – Caleb

I have seen joy when Dion plays footy.- Thomas

I have felt joy when I started playing baseball. – Dante

I have felt joy when my big sister hugs me. – Zoe

I have seen joy when I was playing soccer. – Dion

I have felt joy when I go to the beach. – Alli

I have felt joy when I was on the airplane. – Grace

I have seen joy when my friends play on the monkey bars. – Bethanny

I have seen joy when we adopted a kitten. – Amon

I have seen joy when Oscar was playing soccer. – Alex

I have seen joy when I play basketball with my friends. – Max

I have seen joy when my friends got her dog. – Bianca

I have felt joy when I got a new puppy. – Kalita

I have felt joy when my dad tickles me. – Alannah

I have felt joy when I went to the beach. – Patrick

I have felt joy when I go on holidays. – Demi

I have felt joy when my sister hugs me. – Aimee

I have felt joy when I play with Mae. – Marie