Learning Powers Assembly

At today’s assembly we were introduced to the Learning Power Mascots and heard about how the learning powers are already being used here at St Charles. It was great to see so many examples resilience, risk taking, reflection, collaboration and innovation.

Well done to the students who helped design the mascots. They look fantastic!

Congratulations to all the recipients of the first ever Learning Power awards!


Family Maths Night!

Join us for the St Charles Borromeo Family Maths Night!

We will have have games and fun activities for families to play together as well as some information about changes to our Maths Home Learning.

When: Wednesday, April 26th

Time: 6:30pm

Where: We will begin in the school hall before moving into the classrooms for some activities.

Come along so you don’t miss out on all the fun!


School Photos

It’s School Photo Day!

We haven’t let the weather spoil our fun. We are taking our photos in front of the beautiful mural in the foyer of our school hall.


1/2 KC did a great job listening to instructions to get ready for the class photo.

Thank you to our Vice Captains Dominic and Sienna for getting all the classes organised and to their photos on time.

3/4 Homework Passion Projects!

This Term the 3/4 classes have been working on a Passion Project for their homework. They chose from a list of topics, created 5 ‘why’ questions and decided how they would present their information.

We have had some very creative presentations including posters, PowerPoints, dioramas and showbags!

Today we had 5 students present their projects. Check out their projects below!

img_2631 img_2633 img_2635 img_2637 img_2640

The Teachers Dress Up for Book Week!

Here are the costumes from some of the teachers for Book Week this year!



The Cat in the Hat


  The Missing Green Sheep

                            Miss Frizzle (The Magic School Bus)                        Traci

Mother Owl (Owl Babies)


                          Glinda the Good Witch (Wizard of Oz)                        Frank

Slinky Malink

Where’s Wally

What did you enjoy most about dressing up for the Book Week parade?!

Mathematics Blog Term 3!

Welcome back to school everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful break over the holidays and are ready for a fantastic Term 3.

Keep an eye out this Term for new and exciting additions to our ‘Mathematics Home Learning Blog’. There a many different ways you can practise your mathematics at home, through games, activities and worksheets! Teachers will be adding new activities regularly so keep checking in to see what’s new!

Click here to access the blog.

maths blog


3/4 Homework Task

The video below gives a brief introduction to some of Australia’s most important events in history. Watch the video and make a comment on what you found most interesting. You might like to do some further research on one of the events mentioned and share your learning in the comment box below!

3/4 Homework Task


Ask a family member or a friend what they believe is the most important/ interesting or exciting moment in Australia’s history.

Post a comment that says:

  1. Who you asked (do not use full names, just write ‘Mum’, ‘Grandpa’, etc)

  2. What they thought was most important or interesting or exciting

  3. Why they believe it to be important or interesting or exciting

I look forward to reading your responses!

Problem Solving

Act it outDraw a picture Guess and check  Make a list Make a table make it simpler Patternwork backwards

What is your favourite problem solving strategy? 

Which one would you use to solve the following problem?

There is a room full of 15 people and everyone shakes hands. Nobody shakes their own hand and each person only shakes hands once with another person. How many handshakes are there in total?

Comment below with your answer and the strategy you used to work it out.

StrategiesforProblemSolvingPosters‘ Thanks to ‘The Colourful Apple’ teacher blog.

Mathematics at St Charles!


Some of the students from 3/4KC have shared what they enjoy about Mathematics at St Charles.

I enjoy Maths because it helps me and I like all the fun games that we play. – Bianca

I enjoy Maths because it helps me to learn adding, subtracting and multiplying. – Hudson

I like Maths because we get to do every single topic. My favourite is is addition and subtraction. – Elyssia

I like Maths because sometimes we get to play maths games. I like learning about ‘take away’ and finding the answer. – Christian

I like Maths because I can learn a lot of different things. My favourite topic is plave value because it helps me to learn bigger numbers. – Olivia M

I like Maths because it is fun to learn and I like that we get to play games. My favourite topic is place value. – Olivia S

I like Maths becuase I enjoy learning new things and playing fun games. – Indianna

I enjoy Maths because you learn how to count and my favourite topic is place value because I can read 5 digit numbers. – CHloe 

I like Maths because I feel comfortable with it. It is not too hard but not too easy. – Georgia

I enjoy Maths because I get to try and challenge myself. I really enjoy challenging myself with multiplication. – Massimo

My favourite part of Maths is doing place value and playing place value games. – Mia

I enjoy Maths because there are always new and fun activities that we can also share with our families. My favourite topic is multiplication because I like to work it out in my head. – Mercedes

I like Maths because it helps understand my numbers and how I use them. This helps me solve Maths problems easily. – Sabina

A Prayer for the Teachers of St Charles

Each week at our staff meetings, one staff member is in charge of beginning the meeting with a prayer. This week was my turn. I searched and searched for a lovely prayer to share with the staff when I realized I had 24 amazing writers sitting right in front of me! So the students of 3/4C got together and wrote the following prayer for our staff. It put a smile on many of our faces.

A Prayer for the Teachers of St Charles

Dear God,

Thank you for all the lovely teachers, staff, principal and helpers at our wonderful school.

We are thankful for all our teachers because they are creative and full of love and laughter.

They always have a smile on their face and they always help us when we get hurt.

They help us to learn and grow and they help us when we are feeling down.

They look after us and care for us when we are upset.

They always guide us in our journey through life and help us make good decisions.

They teach us to forgive and to be kind to our peers.

They teach us to care for the environment and understand how to treat the world.

They show us the difference between right and wrong.

They understand us for who we are and they accept us even if we are a bit different.

They protect us and they support us and they always put the students first.

They are always accepting of our ideas.

They make school fun and take us to the next level.

We are so grateful that they are there to teach us and encourage us.

We love them because they are unique in the very own way.

We are so happy to have such wonderful teachers at St Charles.