Book Week 2017

Hi, it’s me, Erin. Today I will tell you about the last 2 books for Book Week. The Patchwork Bike is one of them. It is written by Maxine Beneba Clarke. The illustrator is Van T Rudd. Out - Angela May George

When you live in a village at the edge of the No-Go Desert, you need to make your own Image result for the patchwork bike illustratorfun. That’s when you and your brothers get inventive and build a bike from scratch, using everyday items. You can even make a number plate from bark. The end result is a spectacular bike, perfect for going bumpity-bump over sand hills, past your fed-up mum and right through your mud-for-walls home. – The Patchwork Bike

The second book is Out by Angela May George. It is illustrated by Owen Swan.

A little girl flees her homeland, making a long and treacherous boat journey with her mother to seek asylum in Australia. Told from the little girl’s point of view, the story is both heartbreaking and triumphant, allowing timely and sensitive discussion of what drives people to become refugees and the challenges they face. – Out

Have you read either of these books? Let us know what you thought of them in the comments section!

Raymie Nightingale

Image result for raymie nightingaleToday I will be telling you about a book called Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo. You might know some of her other books – The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, The Tale of Despereaux, Because of Winn-Dixie and Flora and Ulysses. 

This is a book about a girl called Raymie Clark. Her friend calls her Raymie Nightingale because she always carries a book about Florence Nightingale. Raymie’s father moves away and she enters a contest to get her face in the newspaper to make him proud and come back. This book is about friendship, family and loss. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it. Keep your eyes peeled for it in our school library.

Image result for raymie nightingale

Book Week 2017

Hi, my names Erin. I am one of the Library Monitors. Today I will be presenting 2 of the shortlisted picture story books for 2017.

One of the books is “One Photo“. It was written by Ross Watkins and illustrated by Liz Anelli. It’s about a dad who records what he most cares about with his camera.

The second book is called “Mechanica”. It was written and illustrated  by Lance Balchin. This book has an important message that we need to take better care of our world.

Have you read any of these books? Do you think one of them will be chosen as “Book of the Year?” Let us know in the comments section!

5/6 InquiRE

In 5/6 we have been researching InquiRE questions about our Christianity: 

  • Why do we celebrate the seven Sacraments?
  • How do people know that God is real?
  • What does God look like?
  • Do you have to be baptized to be a Catholic?
  • How did the Bible begin? 
  • Why is the Church a sacred place?

Please comment or add a question you would like to find the answer to about the Catholic Religion.