Blog Buddies

A Year 2/3 class from Glenbrook Elementary School from Wisconsin (USA) has asked whether we can help with their inquiry unit they are doing on ‘communities’. They have shared a slide with us (and around 100 other schools) and have asked whether we can show them what our community looks like.

Alexis, Ariella and Hannah (3/4CA) will contribute a slide for our school very soon.

Do you have any suggestions on what the girls could include on the slide?

Blog Buddies – Animals from End to End

Project with Colegio Newlands (Argentina)

The students in 1/2KC and 1/2IC are going to begin working on an exciting project with the Year 1 boys and girls from Colegio Newlands (Argentina). They are really keen to share with us the animals that are native to Argentina and to learn about the native animals from here. 

Here is Anabella sharing information about her favourite animal.  

Remember that in Argentina they speak Spanish. So these boys and girls are doing a fantastic job to communicate to us in our language. 

Programmers Club

Today, Allegra (3/4BM) has a program to share with you. It is called “Can You Find the Fish“. Instead of Scratch, Allegra has used Google Slides to make this game. Let Allegra know what you think of her game in the comments section.

Programmers Club is on every Tuesday at lunch in 5/6 SC’s room. 

Programmers Club

Over 20 boys and girls turned up to Programmers Club today.  Here is a programme that Hannah (3/4CA) made. It’s called “Get the Key”. Move the left/right button and try to capture the key. BUT, don’t get caught by one of the dragons.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and let Hannah know what you think of her game.

Programmers Club

This week we have two students from Programmers Club sharing their programs. David (5.6M) has made a car game. Click on the green flag and use the arrow keys to move. Lucas S (5/6SC) has made a game too. Try and move the small taco so that it touches the big taco using the arrow keys.  

Mystery Location

Tomorrow, a group of our Year 5/6s will begin playing “Mystery Location” against a mystery school located somewhere in the world.

The students from both schools will ask each other yes/no questions until they can solve which country the other school is located in.

Keep visiting the blog and we will keep you updated on how the game is progressing. 

Do you want to have a guess where the other country is located? Let us know in the comments section.

Blog Buddies

Here is our reply to our ‘Blog Buddies’ from Windsor, Canada. Thanks to Aaliyah, Alyssa, Ethan, Fabian, Lucas M and Sienna for working on this. 

Click here to view the video sent by the Year 2/3 class from St Rose Catholic Primary School in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.