Hi, I am Gemma and I am one of the Fire Carriers.at St Charles Borromeo. I am going to talk about the didgeridoo.

The didgeridoo is one of the oldest instruments on earth.

Aborigines used to listen to the sounds of nature such as footsteps, trees creaking or the sound of the wind and then imitate it closely with the didgeridoo.

Did you know that women can’t play the didgeridoo? This is because Aborigines believe that it is taboo for women even touch a didgeridoo.

Here is a YouTube clip that lets you hear what didgeridoos sound like. 

Fire Carrier

This week we had our athletics try outs. So I thought it would be appropriate for me to tell you about Cathy Freeman in my blog post.

Cathy Freeman was an Australian sprinter, who specialised in the 400m event.

Cathy Freeman was the first indigenous Australian to become a Commonwealth Games gold medallist at the age of 16.

At the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Canada, Cathy won gold in both the 200m and 400m sprint.   She also won the silver medal in the 1996 Olympics and came first at the 1997 World Championships, in the 400 m event. Cathy also lit the torch in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. 

Cathy Freeman founded the Cathy Freeman Foundation. The Foundation works with four remote indigenous communities to close the gap in education between indigenous and non-indigenous Australian children.