3/4 Parish Mass

It was amazing to see so many families from our school gathered together to celebrate a Parish Mass at St Kevin’s Church last Saturday night. The students engaged in welcoming people, carrying up the message stick, prayers of the faithful, setting the table, the offertory procession and singing. It was a great vibe with full participation from those present and Fr Gerry leading us in the celebration of Eucharist.

Book Club!

Three year 4 girls have formed a little Book Club reading The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do. “The extraordinary true story of a boy’s journey from starvation at sea to becoming one of Australia’s best – loved comedians.” We talk about what is happening and how we are enjoying it. We laugh at the funny bits together!

Bully Stoppers

Today the 3 / 4 students kicked off their bully stoppers student action teams with Kate Wilde. They are in small working groups investigating an aspect of bullying eg; verbal bullying, physical bullying, cyber bullying, frenemies and racial bullying.  

The students will then be taking action and making a presentation for their families at an expo night later this term. 

Animal Testing- BTN Home Learning

The Australian Government has announced that testing cosmetic products on animals will be made illegal in Australia.

Reflect on the following questions when you respond to this story…

  • What were the main points or questions raised in the story? 
  • Why are animals used to test products? 
  • Do you think that people’s attitudes towards animal testing has changed over the years? Why? 
  • How do you feel about animal testing?

St Patrick’s Day Celebration

Our school leaders celebrated the feast of St Patrick, Patron Saint of our Archdiocese at the cathedral today. The homily began by asking us if we liked celebrating our birthday, did we have a hero that we looked up to and did we want to do something special in our life. This led onto the life of St Patrick who followed in Jesus’ footsteps and a call for us to serve others. At the conclusion of Mass, we walked to the gardens for live entertainment and games. 



The 5/6 students in collaborative groups have created modern day versions of scripture stories connected to forgiveness. These stories are re – enacted with a twist in the form of a video. You can tune into one such story from Zaccheus to get a taste of our media work in the area of inquiRE.


Change Detectives – Chemical Science – 5/6

The 5/6 students have engaged in a ‘Mess Scene’ investigation to find out what they already know about changes that occur to materials in their everyday lives.They observed and recorded information about some common changes to materials and shared and discussed their observations. They questioned why certain changes occur and whether or not they are easily reversible.It sparked the students’ interest, stimulated their curiosity, raised questions for inquiry and elicited their existing beliefs about the topic.


InquiRE Assignment – Everyday Heroes 5/6

IMG_1413The Year 5/6 students task was to select a spirit – filled person that they know in their life. After formulating questions they interviewed this person to gather some information. They then created a presentation for an audience.

Each day this week special people – mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and extended families gathered for these heartfelt presentations. Students reflected on what makes this person spirit – filled, what gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit they show and how they influence others to live a spirit – filled life.

Each presentation engaged the audience and delved into many ordinary people with extraordinary lives.

2015 Primary Schools Speech Contest

IMG_1398Congratulations to our contestants, Alana and Alessia for their participation in the Primary School Speech Contest on Wednesday, 10th June. Alana delivered a speech My favourite animal with passion and Alessia spoke about If I could change the world profoundly.We are proud of Alana and Alessia for delivering powerful speeches and really engaging their audience.

Year 5 BUPA visit

IMG_1381[1]The Year 5  students visited the residents at BUPA today for the first time. We were welcomed in the foyer  surrounded by prints of Melbourne on the walls and then took an elevator ride to the first floor.It was lovely to see the students interacting with the oldies and getting to know each other. The students were relaxed and engaged in conversation and shared some morning tea. Thanks to Mrs Cahill, our Student Wellbeing Leader and Rita, the Lifestyle Coordinator for making this happen. We are planning  another visit in a month’s time to renew our acquaintance.

Confirmation Retreat

Today the Year 6 students from St Charles and St Kevin’s participated in a Confirmation Retreat day at Holy Cross. We had a guest speaker from Caritas Australia who created an awareness of social justice through workshop activities. We used the Phoster App to create images and captions on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The students received a personal letter from their parents/families acknowledging the gifts they see in their child. This coming Wednesday the confirmation candidates will be meeting Archbishop Hart at the Cathedral and rehearse for their upcoming Confirmation.