Parents in School


It has been a very busy first month back and I thank parents for supporting all our extra curricula activities. The following is a snapshot of parent/ school events:

Prep parents tea and tissue, beginning of year mass, Andrew Chinn concert, Prep welcome mass., swimming trials, parent/ teacher conferences, Prep faith night, parent helper training, 3/4BM class mass and puberty education night. 


Parish Prep Welcome Mass

With Andrew Chinn belting out songs and parents from St. Charles cooking the BBQ, our prep students and their families had an opportunity to witness the welcome of our parish. A special thank you to our school parent board who did an amazing job catering on the night. It was wonderful to see so many teachers present to be commissioned during the mass. 


Grade Six Awards

It was a beautiful night last night and a big thank you to our parent committee and 5/6 team who put this event together. A special thank you to Fr Jerry and to Ms. Bugno for a lovely mass. This year we had two new awards introduced with our very special Sian Wilson Friendship award. Our two new awards acknowledged academic excellence and great achievements in  sporting and sportsmanship via a nomination to Sports Victoria.  

Our winners for this year are: 

Sian Wilson Award- Nicola & Isaac 

Sports Victoria- Zane 

Academic Excellence- Evelyn & Hayden 

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Blessing of Our New Church

Yesterday our new church was officially opened and blessed. I would like to thank all our teachers, students and parents – both past and present who attended. The theme of the mass was, it’s only a building without community! Let us all make a commitment to show gratitude for the gifts we have been given by the Holy Spirit and look for ways we can share those with others. 

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National History Challenge State Finals

What an amazing effort!

We had five students represent St. Charles yesterday at the State Final’s of the National History Challenge. Well done: Olivia, Mercedes, Bianca, Ethan and Aaron.

A special thank you to the parents and Mrs. Sirianni. I look forward to seeing their presentations at assembly.


The old buildings of Melbourne Boy’s Grammar was a perfect venue for the final! 

First Communion

It was a very special First Communion for our six St. Charles Borromeo candidates last Sunday. They were the first to celebrate a sacrament in our new church! It was great to see the faith community of Templestowe supporting these wonderful students. Congratulations- Max, Alexander, Kana, Cailtin, Oscar and David. 

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Confirmation Commitment Mass

On the weekend all our wonderful Confirmation candidates attended a commitment mass. We are lucky to have so many incredible candidates who already show the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in many different ways. A special thank you to Fr Gerry, Pam and all the teachers who attended one of the masses to support our candidates in the faith journey. 


School Disco

Last Friday night our Prep to Six students took part in our annual disco. It was great to see all students having fun and tearing up the dance floor! A special thank you to Alma and her crew, who made the night a huge success. I hope all boys and girls thanked their parents for taking them or for helping on the night. 

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Student for a Day

While Lanah was busy running the school, I had an incredible day playing out the life of a student. I would like to thank the teachers who made sure I wasn’t disrupting others and the students who let me play soccer at recess and netball at lunch time. I was ready for a nap after school, fortunately I stayed awake during the staff meeting! 

The day gave me an amazing insight into the life of our students and it was great to see the students interact first hand. As part of our Mindfulness training we were encouraged to acknowledge three things each day we are truly grateful for, yesterday my top three were: 

1- Pasta making in Italian 

2- Art and using visual diaries 

3- Literature circles within a small teacher group. 


Pizza & Holiday!

540109d1-c5a6-4f2f-8ff6-9df8a70bc0aaThank You, Sally, Keith and our parent helpers who assisted on the last day. What a great way to end term. Have a wonderful break everyone and do something nice for your parents. Enjoy your evening meal together and each day share as a family three things you are grateful for.