Mystery Location

Last week a group of 5/6 students participated in an activity called, “Mystery Location”. The team included Nicole, Tayla, Chelsea, Michael, Isla, Sebastian, Fabian, Sofia and Mercedes. For, “Mystery Location” we connected with a school from the other side of the world and had to try and guess their location.

We found Mystery Location challenging, but lots of fun. Our strategy was to begin by working out which hemisphere they were located in, then which continent and then we narrowed it down to which country. It took us a while to guess that they lived in ISRAEL! 

After they were able to guess where we lived they asked us questions about us and Australia! We really enjoyed talking to them and it was a great experience. 

We would like to thank Gali and her class. We would also like to thank Mr Cotela for all his help and encouragement and organizing this with the other school. 

Here are some pictures of Mystery Location.

Junior Scientist

Hi, everyone! My name is Isla and I am this week’s “Junior Scientist“. For my science experiment, I decided to do something involving balloons. I call it “Amazing Inflation!” Make sure you ask for your parent’s permission before att.empting this.



  1. Baking Soda
  2. Vinegar
  3. Balloons
  4. Bottle/Container
  5. Funnel


  1. Pour vinegar into your bottle/container until it is approximately half of the way full
  2. Stretch the top of the balloon.
  3. Using a funnel put 1 and a half teaspoons of baking soda into the balloon.
  4. Stretch the balloon with the baking soda over the top of the bottle/container with the vinegar in it.
  5. Lift the balloon up so all of the baking soda is tipped into the bottle/container for the full chemical reaction.
  6. Slowly the balloon will start inflating.

Christmas Drive


Dear Families,

There is only one week left of the RSPCA Christmas Drive. Thank you so much for all the people who have already donated items for this wonderful cause.

 If you would like to donate something, could you please do so by Monday the 5th of December. Remember the things we are accepting are: Old pet toys, old towels, face washers and newspapers. Please remember nothing with feathers will be accepted as it could cause harm to the animals

Thank you for supporting the RSPCA!

Isla and Steph 5/6I 


Book Review

Image result for the afghanistan pupThe Afghanistan Pup

 By Mark Wilson

The Afghanistan Pup, is a story about a puppy entering the Afghanistan War. He is part of a puppy litter, and he loses his mum. A young girl finds the puppy and takes him home to look after him. War destroys the village, and the puppy finds a new home with a lucky Australian Solider.

Will the puppy find a forever home?

Text to Text: This book reminds us of ‘Do Not Forget Australia’ because there are Australian soldiers involved that are helping re-build a school.

Text to Self:  This made us think about our dogs, and how lucky they are to be healthy and safe.

Text to World: This reminds us of all the things that have been happening around the world and things we’ve heard on the news.

This book is probably set for Years 4 and up. This book is very touching and made us almost cry because it changed the way we think about the world war. 

We would rate this book 4.5!

Image result for 4.5 stars

By Chelsea and Isla 5/6 I 

Holidays Here We Come!

From what I have heard a lot of people are excited for the holidays. As the weather is getting better there are more things to do, especially outside.

A thing I’m most excited about this holidays is The Royal Melbourne Show. This event only takes place once every year in the September holidays. This year I am going with my cousin and aunt. My favourite part about the Melbourne Show is the amazing rides and the farm animals.


What are you excited about this holidays?

Genius Hour

In 5/6I one of our favourite subjects is Genius Hour.  We spend an hour each week working on a passion of our choice and when we are done we share it with the class.  Everyone has different passions and it’s great to listen to all of them.  We love to do this each week and it is so exciting.  Here is a short video to tell you a little bit more about Genius Hour.