E.I.T have had their first meeting and lots of great ideas have been talked about from the team! 

We are going to be coming into classrooms to survey the school about the Sensory Garden. Some question to start your thinking are:

What is your favourite thing to play in the Sensory Garden?

What could there be more of in the Sensory Garden?

What would make the Sensory Garden better?

Are there any spaces you don’t use?

We have been learning about information reports this week.

We have been looking at the features of information reports. Did you know information reports have headings, a contents page, an index page and they use photographs to teach us more about a topic!

We have been looking at the photographs and noticed the labels. A label is key words to tell you more information about the picture.

We labelled Orlie and Miss Lockyer’s dog Hagrid!


This week the preps are learning about procedure.  

A procedure tells us how to do something.

A procedure has:

  • GOAL: This tells us what we are doing
  • MATERIALS:  This tells us what we need. We use dot points.
  • STEPS: This tells us what to do. We need to number each step. Each step starts with a ‘doing word’.

We have been cooking chocolate balls, making origami animals, puppets and cress heads by reading procedures. 

Also, have a look at Teddy who wrote a procedure about ‘How to make breakfast’.


In prep we have been learning to measure how long something is!

First we need to estimate, which means to have a clever guess about how long you think it will be (Eamon).

Next we need to make sure we start at the EXACT same spot (Paris).

We need to make sure we have no gaps or no overlaps (Jack)!

Have a look at us measuring objects around the room! 

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We are having an Easter Day today, where we are playing lots of Easter games!

We have been singing the Easter Bunny Pokey, making an Easter Basket, egg and spoon races and playing pin the tail on the Easter Bunny (not all tails got on the Easter Bunny).

Our Easter Day has been so much fun!


This week in prep we have been talking about what belonging means and thinking about all the different groups we belong to.  

We have made circles that show all the different groups we belong to!



It  has been overwhelming how many amazing applications there has been for E.I.T. I would like to thank all the children who applied to be a part of E.I.T

I would like to congratulate the following children who will be the 2017 E.I.T!

Mila Z. Max H. Kalita J. Maiah F. Raf M. Evie G. Anthony C. Allegra K.
Adelle S. Mia G. Elyssia A. Reyhan B. Alessia L. James F. Greta S. Sarina T.


E.I.T applications close on Monday!

If you want to be apart of the team, don’t forget to give Miss Lockyer your application about why the environment is important to you and what you want to do, to make St Charles a more environmentally friendly school.



E.I.T is changing this year, it is open for children from prep to grade six to apply.

If the environment is really important to you and you are passionate to teach others how to protect and love it, E.I.T is for you. 

If you are interested in being involved in E.I.T write an application to Miss Lockyer explaining why the environment is important to you and what you would like to do at St Charles to make our school a more environmentally friendly place.


This week we have been learning about different emotions in prep.  We have talked about how a persons face and body can give you clues on how they are feeling.

Here we have Kai, Juliet, Max, Giselle, Amberley and Zac showing the emotions surprised, proud, shy, angry, confused and happy.

Can you match the emotion with the prep? Comment below if you think you know!

Safety School!

We have been so lucky to miss the rain on our excursion to Casey Safety Village!

Today we practised our road safety by riding our bikes on pretend roads and being safe and responsible pedestrians. We also learnt about fire safety. 

Here are some pictures! 

Bee Behaviour

This week we have been learning about the school expectation of taking care of your belongings and equipment.

We talked about why it is important to take care of our things and realised that when we do we are being responsible, being safe and being respectful!

Watch our video below to see different ways you can take care of your belongings.

Veggie Patches!

In EIT we have been very busy getting our veggies patches ready for planting.

We started by pulling out all the weeds and turning the soil. When we were turning the soil, we found lots of worms and even some caterpillars! 

Next we planted some:

  • Orange carrots
  • Purple carrots
  • Lettuce
  • Peas
  • Snow peas
  • Asian greens
  • Marigolds
  • Alyssum
  • Echinacea

IMG_3482 IMG_3485 IMG_3486 IMG_3487

It was fantastic to see everybody getting their hands dirty and working as team to get the job done.

What are you most excited to see grow?

Monster writing

This week we had to guess what was in the bag and it was….


A monster!

We drew a picture and wrote describing words about what the monster looks like. The next day we used this to help us with our writing and then we wrote a description.

What do you think of Carla’s and Zeke’s writing?



EIT needs you!

Are you interested in the environment?

Do you care for our plants and animals?

Are you passionate about what is happening to our world?

Do you want to teach people about how they can protect our land?

If so EIT is for you!

If you are in grade 3/4/5 and you want to join the EIT team either comment below or write down and give to Miss Lockyer by Friday 22nd July,

Why the environment is so important to you and what you want to do to protect it’ .

It’s All Greek To Us!

Yasou, today we pretended we went to Greece!  

We learnt a bit about Ancient Greece and Modern Greece. We looked at some photos and thought it would be amazing if we all could go on holiday to Santorini and eat Souvlakis on the beach!

We had a go at the Zorba, what do you think of our dancing?

Also, here is a picture of some of the different things we made from both Ancient and Modern Greece.