1/2 Advent Liturgy

This morning the 1/2’s performed their Advent Liturgy in a fabulous and joyous way! We celebrated the third week of advent, lighting the pink, or rose-coloured candle, which represents joy. We invite you to take some time to reflect on these questions: When do you feel joy? Where do you see joy? Who brings you joy? How do you spread joy?

Christmas is a time of year that we all love in 1/2, spending time with our families and opening presents. But it is important to remind ourselves of the true meaning, celebrating Jesus’ birth.

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Excursion to CERES

IMG_4945On Tuesday 17th the 1/2s went on an excursion to CERES which links to our InquiRE topic for this term, ‘How Can We Make a Difference?’. Everyone had lots of fun making recycled paper, sorting out waste into the correct bins and going on a walk around CERES to learn more about the area. It was great to hear and see the connections we could make between what we have been learning in class, and what we learnt at CERES! Hopefully, with all our new knowledge and understanding, we can continue to do our part to help our environment 🙂


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How Can We Make a Difference?

This term in 1/2 our InquiRE focus is ‘How Can We Make a Difference?’ So far we have been learning about the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), landfill and compost, and how all of these things have an impact on our world. We have recently started doing ‘Nudie Tuesdie’, trying to only have reusable items in our lunch. Because we know that the small things we do NOW, at home and at school, will help our world in the FUTURE! We all need to work together!!

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Subtraction Super Stars

In 1/2 this week we are revisiting subtraction. We have been brainstorming other ways we can say subtraction, and thinking about the different strategies we can use. We played a fun game called ‘1 or bust’. We had to use our maths brains to decide whether we were going to continue subtracting and make it as close to one, or whether we would go beyond 1 and bust!

Lots more subtraction fun to be had!

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What Happens When We…?

This term in InquiRE 1/2s are learning to be scientists and asking the question ‘What Happens When We…?’ Our first experiment was mixing coke and mentos together and before we watched it we predicted what we thought might happen when we mixed a liquid and a solid. We were amazed to see the results, a cool ‘explosion’, which we now know is a gas. Can’t wait to put on our lab coats again 🙂

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Part 2: 1/2 History Excursion to Ripponlea

Last Friday the 1/2’s went to Ripponlea for the second part of their excursion where they were learning about the ‘olden days’. The children were immersed in many fun activities such as olden day house work, where they discovered how hard it used to be without dishwashers and washing machines. They also played olden games like quoits, skipping, croquet, skittles and drop-the-handkerchief With all of this wonderful new information, the 1/2 historians are now applying it to their InquiRE unit, ‘How has our Australia changed?’, and looking at when their parents and grandparents were young to see what similarities or differences they can uncover!

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