Lego Club

Hi everyone. My name is Lucas and I am one of the organisers of Lego Club. We had a great time running Lego Club today.  Here are the top three creations from today:


(1st) Here is Caitlin, Alessia and Chloe with their creation “The Wall”

(2nd) Here is Caitlin and Keira with their creation “The Wall”

(3rd) Here is Christian and his creation.








Here are the rest of the creation from today.

Thank you to everyone who came to Lego Club. Please note that Lego Club will start at the beginning of lunch from now on.


Lego Club

Hi everybody, we had a great turn up today thank you to everybody who came today.


Here are our top 3 creations from today:

This is Sienna B and Alexis T (both form 3/4 C) and their creation, “The car”.

This is Aston from Prep J and his creation, “Bay Blades”.

This is Mae from 3/4 C with her creation, “The House”.









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