Greatest Invention

Image result for water bottleHi, my name is Massimo and I’m in charge of this week’s Greatest Invention.

You might think that I’m crazy just to say this, but I’m telling you I’m not. The Greatest Invention is… the water bottle!

The water bottle is a type of plastic that holds water in it. The reason why it is the greatest invention is, you can take it wherever you please, drink from it without getting water on yourself and it is the best way of transporting water somewhere.

What do you think?

Book Of The Week

Hi everyone, I’m in charge of this week’s Book of the Week. The book I have chosen is ‘A Very Unusual Pursuit’ by Catherine Jinks.Image result for a very unusual pursuit

I love this book because it is a thriller book and it always keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is about two people named Mr. Bunce and Birdie Adams who are boglers. A bogler is a person who hunts bogles. A bogle is a monster that eats people. I would highly recommend this book to any thrill seekers that like to read horror books.