Around The Yard

Hi everyone I am Maximillion and today I am the photographer for Around the Yard!



This Rayen going for the three!

this is Christian Anthony Oscar Gorge Daniel Alexander Henry and Lucas F


This is Nick,Jacinter, Luke, Massimo, Rayen, Harrison, Ava, Gorgea Chilling on the basketball court!



This is Erin and Greta stretching there stretchy slime!


Blog Buddies

Hi, my name is Maximillion, and for this week I am so excited to share that for “Blog Buddies” Mrs. Coulon’s class blog with “Positive T-shirt Day” won! They wore T-Shirts with positive messages while they did their testing recently. Congrats to them go visit them and leave a comment on their blog (click here). 

Mrs. Coulon’s Class Blog