What a BIG DAY OUT for our Graduating Class of 2019!

Today our 2019 graduating class celebrated the year by having a big day out. The day started with bowling, followed by a magnificent BBQ cooked by Mr Thomas at the Greensborough Memorial Park.  We ended the day at Watermarc in Greensborough.  The favourite activity was the waterslide. Here are a few photos showing all of the fun and above all the freindship, between all of the students. 




Werribee Zoo STEM Challenge

This Term, 5/6 students have taken the challenge to assist the Werribee Zoo Managers to improve animal and staff welfare and visitor experience at Werribee Zoo.  In teams they  designed, built and evaluated a prototype using their ideas. Two teams won the challenge and today they were treated to a safari tour with a close encounter with the animals on the savanna,  back at the zoo. They also presented their ideas and prototype to one of the managers- Johnno.  Staff were impressed with the ideas and the way students spoke about their problem solving. Here are some special moments.





What a great experience and what real authentic learning, where organisations listen to young people. Well done to all the students who completed the challenge!

Extracting DNA from Strawberries!


DNA is what makes you! It’s your genetic makeup. DNA is a molecule that is like a little recipe for life and holds all the information your body needs to function. Pretty crazy! Plus, it’s just a teeny, tiny percent of our DNA that actually makes us all unique from one another.  Today as part of a science experiment we extracted Stawberry DNA. This is what it looks like. Pretty COOL! 

Year 5 /6 Excursion- Street Art Walking Tour

 Street art is a form of public art.  Sometimes it is considered ‘Graffiti’. What is the difference? As we found out on our excursion, this public art is labelled ‘Street Art’ only when permitted by authorities. Without permits, this art is regarded as illegal ‘Graffiti’ yet many of these works are highly important creative and political pieces.  Some view this type of Art as a form of vandalism. After viewing the street art – can you answer this question. Is Street Art vandalism? Should it be banned?  Here a few images of Street Art. 



What a BIG Day OUT!

What a week it has been for our graduating students of 2018. We celebrated our graduating students with a prayerful Mass at St Kevin’s followed by a graduation dinner. What fun!

Today we had a Big Day Out, starting at Latitude, jumping, climbing, flipping and dodgeball, then lunch at La Porchetta, and finally exciting games of bowling.



Very tired but HAPPY!



To build our Mars Rovers, we became designers and engineers. we had to build them using different varieties of pasta. That’s right just Pasta! We were given a budget of  $60,000,000. We could use as much pasta and lollies as you can afford. We had to be very careful that we did not blow the budget.  These are our Rovers.

We tested our Rovers. They did ROLL unaided but Pasta is very difficult to work with. We showed a lot of resilience in making and testing.


Year 5 /6 Food Advertisements

We completed small group collaborative projects where we had to create an original healthy snack, we had to package the snack including the ingredients and the nutritional values of our product. as part of the project, We also created a marketing advertisement. Here is one of the advertisements. We hope you enjoy! 


Year 5 /6 Book Trailers

I am certain you have all heard of film trailers which persuade us to go and watch a movie. In 5 /6 we have created book trailers to promote books that we have read and enjoyed. We hope you are persuaded to read some of these books by watching our book trailers. We created the trailers as part of a home learning task. Watch these trailers and let us know if you are persuaded to read these books. Tell us which book you are persuaded to read. 



This week we have read many of the picture story books shortlisted by the Children’s Book Council. Ee found them all very diverse and interesting.  The themes ranged from refugees coming into Australia and finding a peaceful way of life as in the story ‘Out’, environmental issues that impact negatively on our environment as in ‘Mechanica’ and family outings as in ‘Rain’ and finally being creative and building fun projects by reusing and recycling house-hold goods as in the story, ‘The Patchwork Bike’.

Here are some of our Patchwork Bike designs by using common house-hold items.  We think they are very original. Let us know what you think.







Here is our mural and artistic responses to Mechanica.

Do You Know About the Properties of Light?


Light passes through some materials better than others. Some materials can be transparent, like a fish bowl.  Other materials that allow some light to pass through are translucent, and then there are some materials where no light passes through. These are opaque.

Why don’t you look around your house and garden and see how many of these materials you have at home?  Test some materials and prove what type of materials they are.

All you need is a torch.


Today we went to the Old Treasury Building and Parliament House. The Old Treasury was designed by nineteen-year-old architect  JJ Clark.  It is a grand building showing the wealth that was in Victoria during the Gold Rush Years.  This is one of the rooms we saw.  We also went to Parliament House where the Laws that affect Victoria are made and are passed.  We learnt about the two houses- The Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.  

We had a great time and learnt a lot about our history!

We would love to hear your thoughts about the laws we have. Did you know that anyone can suggest that laws should be changed or introduced?  Is there a law that you think we as Victorians should have? We would love to hear your opinions. Please post here! 

Parish of Templestowe celebrates Confirmation

What a wonderful day it was for St Charles Borromeo and St Kevin’s, joining to celebrate with the Templestowe Parish the Sacrament of Confirmation. Monsignor Greg Bennet celebrated with Father Gerry this wonderful Sacrament.  We congratulate all candidates and their families for making this commitment in our Catholic church. We pray for all of these young people as they decide how to use the Gifts and the Fruits of the Spirit they received at Baptism. 


What message would you give these young people?  Post your messages here!
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We wrote our reflections about camp. Some of our thoughts are about the activities we did, the challenges we had, what we learnt about ourselves and our friends. Even though we thought camp was awesome, some of did feel that some activities were better than others.  Why don’t you read our reflections and really find out what we thought! 

Click here to view the Google Doc.

Who Influences me? Do global trends influence our values, beliefs or health?

In 5/6 this term, we have discussed the influences on our Identity as individuals. We have explored how the groups we belong to enable us to become who we are, how we interact with others and how our values and beliefs are determined by those who are closest to us. The visual representations below are how we interpreted the big question, “who influences me?” “How am I influenced? ” 






We are also investigating global trends that influence the values, beliefs and health of individuals and groups in our comunity.  we used the thinking routing- CHALK TALK. In this routine we had silent conversations by writing down our ideas and responding to the ideas of others in a respectful silent conversation. here are some of our ideas.  some trends we have started thinking about are: social media, over spending on un-essential goods, people living longer and longer and the urban sprawl- people moving into the bigger city centres. 


What Global Trends do you think impact on the values, beliefs and health of individuals and groups in our communities? We would love to hear your opinions.  Help us to understand these trends better! 

Year 5/6 SC presents the First Assembly for 2017

It was a privilege to have hosted the first school class assembly today. Below is what we presented to the school community. Congratulations to all of the students in 5/6SC for writing your own scripts and presenting the information with confidence. The 2017 school leaders presented their first awards and what a job – well done! You all spoke clearly and with enthusiasm.  

We would love to hear what you have to say about our assembly! 

Thanks to Fabian who worked on the Google Slide, at home, throughout the week.

Leave a comment below and tell us what you are looking forward to in 2017?

Settling into the new School Year 5/6SC

The start of any new school year is exciting getting to know all of our classmates. In 5/6SC we have started the year with huge enthusiasm and excitement. this past week we have been involved in tasks to get to know each other. Below is a snapshot of what we have been doing. 




We had our first Library session with Mrs Demos and she spoke to us about the borrowing procedures and library protocols.We borrowed books around the themes of families and relationships.  

It is going to be a fabulous year!

Wrapping up Christmas Presents without wasting paper

In 3/4S we had a challenge to wrap up Christmas presents to save paper. We started with a 3x3x3 cube and problem solved the possibilities of wrapping the cube without overlapping paper. 

Some of us found 9 different ways of wrapping paper without overlapping. We wonder how many different ways you can find. 

It was fun and challenging. Anthony thought it was a little frustrating when you thought it was going to work but it didn’t because it was a reflection of another net. 

Jack thought that once you got into the thinking it became easier to find the combinations. 

Ava and Stephanie thought that working together was a plus. 



img_1777       img_1778

Snowflakes 3/4S

For  Maths today we made 6 pointed snowflakes.  We made them out of A4 paper. Instead of having 90 degree angles we had to fold our paper to get 60 degree angles. 

Usually when we make snowflakes we make them with 4 points – this is because we fold to have right angles.

 Can you work out how to fold with 60 degree angles to make a 6 pointed snowflake? 



Passion Projects are fun. We could choose anything that interested us around the topic Australian Flora and Fauna. we researched what really gave us a buzz. We presented out work in small groups last Friday. The topics were so different.

Here are a few topics we investigated:   Aussie Birds, Endangered Australian Animals, Introduced Species into Australia, Bulldog Rat, Endangered Birds & Native Animals. 

We shared our projects and taught our classmates what we learnt.  We learnt so much from each other. Best way to Learn! 

img_1755       img_1756  img_1757     img_1758

img_1759    img_1760img_1761  img_1762  img_1763  img_1764





img_1692As part of the Robotics Unit the Year 3 /4 level has been given a challenge by Mr C. They have to program their Sphero to do some interesting dance moves before they perform at the disco competition. We had great fun programming our dancers to roll, jump, turn, spin and strobe. Watch these movements.  Next time we have to add the  music.  Hope you like this. WE LOVED IT!



Using real life experiences to teach fractions

img_0370-2       img_0365

The 3/4 SC class had a real life maths problems to solve.  How would you share two apples amongst three friends? 

To model this new learning, we brought the apples into class and set the scene.  We had to think about how to equally portion the pieces, what to do so that all three friends get the same amount of equal pieces.  By cutting each of the apples in half, we immediately saw that each friend would get at least 1/2 an apple each. But what to do with the rest? 

Here are some photos of us modelling the process.  What would you do NOW? Let us know and then we tell you how we solved this problem. 

Egg Drop Landers

Have you ever made an Egg Drop Lander? At the 3 /4 level we have extended  our learning on Space by investigating the concept of gravity.  To apply what we have learnt about how objects are pulled into the centre of Earth by the force of Gravity, we have made an Egg Drop Lander.  As part of this project we collaborated with a learning partner in designing and producing the lander.  

Here are some engineers at work.                              

image (5)      image (7)   image (9)


We will launch and TEST the Egg Lander soon. We wonder if our designs will keep the raw egg safe and land in one piece. 

image (8) image (6)  image (10)

First Holy Communion Retreat




The children of the Parish making their First Holy Communion gathered at Holy Cross to reflect upon the Sacrament  before receiving the Eucharist for the first time.  It was wonderful to see the children of St Charles, St Kevin’s and the Parish interact respectfully and willingly with each other.  Here are a few photos of the day.


Pray for these children and their families. Maybe you may like to reflect on the time when you made your first holy communion and post here!   How did you feel? 

IMG_3032               IMG_3035