Reminder about the rubbish at school :)

Hello, my name is Sarina and for my first post for 2017, I’m going to blog about the rubbish on the playgrounds.

As I am a part of the Environmental Impact Team I really want our beautiful school to stay beautiful. As I am sure you do too.

For our school to be clean we need to make sure the rubbish goes into the bin. You may have noticed that recently we have got new bins. So there is really no excuse for rubbish to be on the ground.

So let’s work together and keep our school clean.

Tournament Of Minds :)

This week on Sunday all of the 7 hard working students that have  been chosen for  Tournament Of Minds  will be presenting our  presentation/acting  in front of  judges and other  schools around Melbourne.

The 7 chosen students are:

Sarina (5/6C), Elena (5/6C), Alyssa (5/6C), Hayden (5/6C), Kayden (5/6C), Lani-Alana (5/6I) and Indi-Indiana (5/6C).

I would like to thank Mrs Callea, Mr Thomas and other teachers for using their time for us to practice, rehearse and paint.

Please feel free to comment something nice, thankful and  good  luck messages.