Greatest Invention

Hi, my name is Sebastian and I am in charge for this week’s greatest invention! And the greatest invention has to be… ART!!! I think that art is the greatest invention ever because without it life would be dull, and boring! And who wants that?!

Art lets you express your imagination and even how you may be feeling. If you are shy and don’t like to talk about your feelings, you can just paint or draw them on canvas! Art fills the world with colour and excitement!

Happy drawing St. Charles!

Blog Buddies

Hello, my name is Sebastian.

This week for Blog Buddies I looked at Calgary Catholic School District, 6 Grade Blog. I was interested in their ” Four Forces Of Flight” post. They are learning about, the Four Forces of Flight! which I discovered are lift, gravity, thrust and drag. 

Ms. Corney Grade 6 Blog (Calgary Catholic School District, Canada)

This post was appealing because they are discovering and learning about this method, using small cups, medium cups and large cups. 


Click on the link to check the blog out.

Mars Posters

This term for Inquiry we are learning and wondering whether we could live on Mars. We did an art activity where we had to use different materials of different colours and shapes to create a poster with a partner that looks like the surface of Mars. All of the posters turned out amazing and stood out, everyone did an awesome job at creating this poster and completing this art and craft activity. Well done 5/6s!


Cross Country

Last Friday, year 3-6’s did the cross country trials. Year 3/4 ran two laps and the 5/6 grades did three laps. This year for me was a little bit harder because I went from running two laps to three. Everyone did great and had a go. The results were really good because very few people had to stop running, most people finished the race no matter how long it took them. Here are some photos of the trials. Great work everyone!

IMGP0005 IMGP0020IMGP0019