Lego Club

This was the last Lego Club for this term. It will return next term. On behalf of the team, I just want so say big thanks to everyone for supporting Lego Club. We could not have done it without everyone’s’ support.

Here are the top three Lego creations from today’s Lego Club.

Alex (3/4 BM)

David (5/6 M)

Eamon (Prep L)


Nation Builders

Hi everyone I am Sebastian S and I am in charge of choosing this week’s nation builder. I have chosen Edith Cowan who was the first woman elected to parliament in Australia. I think she was a nation builder because she showed that woman can do things just as well as men.  She also fought for women’s rights. If you would like to know more click this website.

Lego Club

Hi everyone,

Here are the top 3 Lego creations made at Lego club today.


This is Mia from 3/4BM with her creation “The Masterpiece”.

This is Aaliyah and Portia from 5/6 with their creation “The House and the Red Shed.

This is Sebastian from Prep J with his creation “The Boat.



Good job on your creations boys and girls.

The next Lego club will be held next Friday at lunch time in the library.