Student Action team Chat

StudentActionTeamsManual2003_col_cover.11805951_stdToday Roger Holdsworth spoke with students in 5/6 about Student Action Teams.

Roger told the students they have the capacity to change their world by working together to make a difference.

Roger invited the students to think about something they wanted to change that would improve the community they live in.

Roger and 5:6 1Roger and SATs 2

Students as researchers workshop 2

Today 5/6H had their second workshop with staff from the Catholic Education Melbourne looking at being safe at school. The students have worked through a process of collecting data, analysing it and making recommendations that will be taken to Leadership. The recommendations will also go towards a resource that will be written for all primary schools. I was so impressed with the student’s maturity and deep thinking as they worked in teams through this process. Our students really know how to use student voice to make a difference and were so comfortable to giving their opinions and were respectful of each others.


Brilliant work.CEM 56H workshop 2 (1) CEM 56H workshop 2 (2)

Values Captains

Alessia Campagna and Keeley McLeod are our 2015 Values Captains. One of their responsibilities is to update the Values Board. This term they have focused on the Values of the term, some definitions of bullying and how to meditate.

The Values this tValues captains photoerm are: kindness, confidence and assertiveness.

Alessia and Keeley also give out the Values awards every fortnight and are responsible for making sure all staff have enough Bee cards to give as rewards.

Congratulations Alessia and Keeley on a fantastic job.

Mindfulness Meditation at St Charles

mind-fullJust like it is important to look after our bodies with exercise and good food, it is also important to look after our minds.

Mindfulness Meditation has been scientifically shown to help keep the mind fit and healthy and help students do better at school.

At the next Closure Day on Friday, 30 October the teachers at St Charles Borromeo will be learning how Mindfulness Meditation can be used in their classes with Georgina Manning.