Book of the Week

Hi everyone ! my name is Summer and I am in charge this week of choosing “Book of the Week“. The book I have chosen is called “Hooked on Netball” which is a part of the Netball Gems book series.

The authors are B. Hellard and  L. Gibbs. This book is about Maddy who absolutely loves Netball and is so excited to join her very first team.

Maddy soon realizes that being on a Netball team can have some challenges. Especially when one of her team mates isn’t very nice to her. After feeling really down about playing Netball Maddy’s coach gives her the inspiration that she needs to follow her Netball dreams. I really like this book because it’s about sport and is about being part of a team, which reminds me of playing basketball – which I love. I highly recommend this book from ages 8+. Especially if you love sport !