Scientists at Work

Year 5/6 have been hard at work in the Science Lab, conducting experiments with a focus on chemical and physical change. Here students collected data, over a series of trials, to investigate the impact on the amount of gas produced when changing the amount of alkaline substance (bicarbonate of soda) added to an acid (white vinegar).


⛺ Camp Activities

Our 5/6 Camp at The Briars provided a range of activities built around cooperation, personal challenges and lots of fun! Whilst the Flying Fox and Giant Swing called for a good amount of courage, Saving Teddy and Crate Building were based on team work and ingenuity. Arm strength and a keen eye was required for Archery, with the Low Ropes demanding balance and poise. Our morning at the beach was simply glorious!



SRC Christmas Shopping

Yesterday, St Charles SRC members travelled to the Pines to purchase Christmas presents for needy families within our community. With fundraising efforts throughout the year, the SRC were able to brighten Christmas for 20 children and their parents. A mammoth effort of fundraising, shopping and wrapping! 




Year 6 students are continuing their faith journey as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on May 20th. Throughout our InquiRE unit, students will reflect upon the life and work of Spirit Filled people and will consider their own role in the Mission of the Catholic Church. 

Can you name the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit?

Who, in your life, is a Spirit Filled person?

Enough for Everyone – Forever

Year 5/6 students are busy presenting their research around the UNICEF Goals for Sustainable Development. Students worked to investigate these goals, which seek to ensure a sustainable world for our future. The presentations have been most informative and include student reflection on how they can plan for a world where we have ‘Enough for Everyone – Forever’.

Image result for unicef goals for sustainability image  

Book Bags

Year 5/6 have been busily working on their latest homework assignment; creating a Book Bag. The children chose a favourite book to share with the class and completed a series of activities. Here are Portia and Sarina with their Book Bags. Both girls included a range of outstanding props to explain their text. 

Investigating Light

As part of our Science unit on Light, Year 5/6 are busy conducting experiments. We make predictions, design experiments, observe, explain and draw conclusions. Last week, we looked at how the distance of the light source effects the length of the shadow. After our investigation, we created a graph to show our results.


Gifts of the Holy Spirit

With the Sacrament of Confirmation fast approaching, Year 5/6 have been interpreting the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Wisdom. Understanding. Knowledge. Right Judgement, or Counsel.

Courage, or Fortitude. Reverence, or Piety. Wonder and Awe.

What do these Gifts mean to you?  

Confirmation Workshop

Last night, our Confirmation candidates gathered at St Kevin’s church to hear guest speaker, Mr Paul Spence.

Paul’s central message for the night was that the sacrament of Confirmation brings with it; a new heart and a new spirit. And, with this, all things are possible.

He spoke passionately about his incredible work in Uganda, where he spent seven years establishing schools that now provide education for thousands of children.

Paul was truly inspirational, leaving both children and adults in awe of his remarkable story of love and commitment to others.

What part of Paul’s talk did you find most inspirational?

How might the Spirit work in you? 

FIRE Carriers

FIRE Carriers  is an acronym for Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education. The FIRE carrier project is an initiative of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry which seeks to keep the Reconciliation flame alight in schools, educating the wider community about Reconciliation, our shared history and culture.

At St Charles’ we elect four year five students to be our FIRE carrier representatives for the year. Today Year 5/6 gathered for a Commissioning Ceremony, where we officially inducted our 2017 FIRE Carriers; Gemma, Lucas, Olivia and Sofia.  Outgoing FIRE Carriers; Alyssa, Erin, Isla and Nicole led the ceremony, inducting their successors with the Spirit of the Fire. Gemma, Lucas, Olivia and Sofia then recited a blessing prayer, dating back some 40 000 years, in which they asked to become bearers of peace, beauty, hope, harmony and reconciliation. 


Puberty Education

Today, Kate Wilde delivered an informative workshop on the joys and perils of puberty to our Year 5/6 students. Boys and girls were addressed separately about the physical, emotional and social changes that are experienced during this time.

Did you know?…..

Girls have both oestrogen AND testosterone. Boys only have testosterone. Girls generally start puberty between 8 and 13 years. Boys start, on average, around 10 years of age.

Kate will facilitate a parent workshop next Thursday night, at 6.30 pm, and will workshop with the children again next Friday morning.

Do kangaroos live in trees? Do koalas eat worms? Do echidnas have scales?

This term the preps are busy learning amazing facts about Australian native animals. We are becoming real experts on mammals and marsupials.  Next week, we will learn about monotremes.

Here are some of our favourite facts about kangaroos and koalas:

  • Kangaroos can’t move backwards but they can swim.
  • Kangaroos can go for months without water. They are herbivores who eat grass and leaves.
  • Joeys are born on to their mother’s tail. They climb up her belly in to her pouch. They are the size of a jelly bean.
  • Koala babies are also called joeys. They drink milk from their mother’s pouch. When they are older, they eat their mother’s poo!
  • The female koala has an upside down pouch. 
  • Koalas have a thumb on their front paw to help them grip the tree.
  • Male koalas fight other males who try to climb their tree.

fullsizerender-1     fullsizerender

Masterchefs in the Making

The Preps have been busy learning all about procedural texts. Procedures tell us how to do something. We have read and viewed procedures to make different animals. We have written procedures for cleaning our teeth and making breakfast. Our favourite type of procedure is a recipe. Last week we baked chocolate chip biscuits and, this week, we made chocolate balls. They were delicious!

IMG_0639       IMG_0640     IMG_0643

IMG_0644                                                                              IMG_0645

Tens Facts

The preps are busy learning about all the different ways to make 10. We want to learn our TENS FACTS  to help us add numbers quickly. 

We made ‘Rainbows to Ten’.               We used Arithmetic Racks.       

IMG_0344                    IMG_0335

 We played Memory and Go Fish  using tens facts.


We played Alien Pairs on the IWB to help us with our tens facts. 

Click here to test your skills!

We love tens facts!

Preps Measure Up!

This week, in mathematics, the preps have been exploring measurement. We used blocks, icy pole sticks and textas to measure the length of objects around the classroom. We needed to draw the object and the unit of measure. Then we worked with a partner to make an estimate, or ‘clever guess’, and measured carefully.

How many unifix blocks long do you think the whiteboard is?

IMG_0280        IMG_0282        IMG_0288

IMG_0285        IMG_0284      IMG_0287

Prep Class Mass

The Preps joined with Father Gerry to celebrate our class Mass, on Thursday. We were lucky to have many family members in attendance. The preps wowed the congregation with their performance of            ‘Listen to Jesus’ and ‘The Jesus Hokey Pokey’!

IMG_3863IMG_3872 (3)IMG_3877 (1)

Preps are Good Friends!

The preps have been learning about being good friends. Good friends fit together!

We listened to a song about being good friends, then we talked about what makes a good friend.

“A good friend smiles!”   “A good friend is helpful!”   “A good friend uses their manners!”  

“A good friend lets everyone play!”

“A good friend lets someone else go first!”  “A good friend is respectful!”


The Last Supper

The preps continued to build on their understanding of the Easter Story this week, as they were introduced to the events of Holy Thursday.

To begin, we read the story of Jesus, and his friends, in the big book. Then we re enacted the story of the Last Supper together. We ate bread, we drank ‘wine’ and we watched Miss Lockyer wash the feet of a ‘disciple’. We also watched a clip on the IWB.

We talked about the message that Jesus gave at the Last Supper. ” LOVE ONE ANOTHER”!

Do you remember everything that happened on Holy Thursday?

Learning Lots in Prep

Preps are always busy learning! This week, we have loved our ‘rotations’ for literacy.

We are learning to log in to Reading Eggs ourselves, to learn all about letters and words for reading.

We used the ipads to practise writing and played a game of sound bingo.


We have talked about what we like to do at the beach, then worked with our teacher to write about it and read it back.


We used the beginning sound to read some sentences, and then illustrated each sentence.

Happy To Be Me!

On Thursday the preps enjoyed the production; ‘Happy To Be Me!’, as part of our Inquiry unit, ‘How Can I Be The Best Me?’.  The production focused on the development of self esteem and, also, in valuing differences in others. Some points for the preps to consider….

  • We are all different, and that’s great!
  • We should be proud of the way we look and the things we can do.
  • We all have special talents.
  • Keep practising and never give up.

Singing, dancing and stories magically appeared through the giant iPad. Some of the preps even joined in the production, wearing special costumes!



God in the Prep Room

God was introduced into the Prep grades this week, through Circle Time. The children shared their thoughts about God; what he liked and what he might possibly do all day…..

“God takes care of us. He helps the sick people. He eats fish and chips.”

“God likes to eat sausages with sauce. He drinks water. He lives in heaven.”

“God talks to his angels. He wears a round, orange hat.”

“God walks with a stick. He watches news on TV.”

Then, we drew a picture to show what God might look like.

IMG_0405                                       IMG_0406

Prep Advent Paraliturgy

On Monday, the prep classes presented our final Advent Paraliturgy. We rehearsed enthusiastically during last week, sounding like angels with our rendition of ‘Prepare Ye’ as the fourth Advent candle was lit. A different version of the Christmas Story was performed, with the story being told through the eyes of animals present at the first Christmas, in Bethlehem. The audience was delighted as we performed Michael Chinn’s ‘Off We Go To Bethlehem, complete with the instrumental accompaniment of tambourine, triangle and clapping sticks!IMG_0375


Measuring Mayhem!

The preps have been busy measuring this week. We have been having great fun learning to estimate, measure and compare length.

We lay down, head to toe, to see if the boys or girls made a longer line – and the girls won!


We worked with a partner to measure our body parts using unifix cubes. We recorded our measurements. Then we compared the length of our body parts with our partner. 

IMG_0264                                                 IMG_0270