This week, the preps explored the value of Caring. During Circletime, we reflected upon people who care for us and the ways in which we care for others. We shared Mrs Maher’s favourite story, ‘Rose Meets Mr Wintergarten’, and discovered that caring for someone can result in amazing changes.

You Tube Sensation

Have you ever imagined that you were a You Tube Sensation? The Preps have!

Last week, we wrote about our talents and what we would do if we became famous.

Kade wrote, ” I am a magician. I make pencils disappear. When I am famous, I will buy a Ferrari.”

Simona wrote, “I am good at singing and dancing. It is fun. The people clap me and they kiss me a lot. When I am famous, I will see the Queen of England. I will have dinner with the queen and sing her a song.”

You can read Hudson’s writing below.

On Friday, we shared our talents in the class Talent Show.

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Fire Fighting!

Members from the Templestowe MFB returned to St Charles for their second visit on Tuesday. After a revision of fire safety, the preps were treated to an exploration of the fire truck – and what fun it was!

The fire truck weighed as much as fourteen cars and was big enough to fit an entire prep grade into the cabin.

Spraying the hose was the highlight of our day. So many firefighters in the making!


Shapes are Everywhere!

This week, in Prep, we have been learning all about two dimensional shapes. We were amazed to find so many shapes, both in the classroom and outside. When we explored the properties of shapes, we discovered that many properties were the same. Squares and rectangles both had the same number of sides and vertices, so what is the difference? The sides of a square are all equal in length but a rectangle has only its opposite sides equal.

We spent time sorting shapes, according to their properties. Then we used play dough to make some two dimensional shapes with the right properties.

Emma’s favourite shape is a hexagon because it has six sides and six vertices. Peter likes circles because they only have one side and they don’t have any vertices at all!



Staying Safe!

The preps ventured off on their first excursion last week, with a visit to Casey Safety Village. Here, they learnt all about staying safe on the road and what do do in case of fire.

In the Fire Room, the preps practised safe procedures to adopt in the event of fire. Did you know that you should never move through a closed door, if a house is on fire, without feeling it first with the back of your hand?

After discussing the many ways in which we can stay safe on the road, it was off to the bikes! School crossings, traffic lights, roundabouts and even a train line were negotiated on two wheels with remarkable speed.