Blog Buddies – Animals from End to End

Project with Colegio Newlands (Argentina)

The students in 1/2KC and 1/2IC are going to begin working on an exciting project with the Year 1 boys and girls from Colegio Newlands (Argentina). They are really keen to share with us the animals that are native to Argentina and to learn about the native animals from here. 

Here is Anabella sharing information about her favourite animal.  

Remember that in Argentina they speak Spanish. So these boys and girls are doing a fantastic job to communicate to us in our language. 

Blog Buddies – Animals from End to End

Koala Exchange Student

Hi everyone, meet koala!

We’ll soon be sending koala over to a school in Argentina as an exchange student. Koala needs a name, can you help us? In the comment section below, can you give us suggestions on what the name of koala will be.

The school in Argentina will be sending us ‘Oliver’ who will be staying for a year in the 1/2 classrooms.