Ava’s Close Up

This week’s mystery photo. Can you guess what it is? And where in the school you’d find it?

Hello Everyone,

Congratulation to Alexis from 5/6SC. She correctly guessed that last week’s image was the plaque near the office with names on it. Thank you to everyone else who had a guess.

Here is this week’s close up photo. Can you tell me what and where it is? 

Ava’s Close Up

Hello everyone, last weeks winner was David from 5/6 SC and Congratulations to everyone else who participated. Yes, it was the cross that is in the Multipurpose Room. That was our hardest close up yet. So well done to everyone who got it.

Here’s this weeks close up photo. Enjoy!

Can you tell me what it is and where it is in the comments section?


Ava’s Close-Up

Leave a comment below if you know what this is AND WHERE!

Hello, everyone, my name is Ava. This term I’ll be running a weekly competition called, Ava’s Close-Up where you will need to guess what the close-up photo is and where the first person to guess will go in the running for a prize a the end of the term.

Here is this week’s close up photo.