Blog Buddies

This term, we were invited by a Year 2 class from Glenbrook Elementary School (Wisconsin, USA) to assist with a unit on ‘Communities’ they are going to study. Alexis, Ariella and Hannah (3/4CA) assisted by contributing photos to a Google Slide (shown below). 

Here is a message from the teacher of that class:

“Thank you so much for all the classes that added slides to the Community Slideshow!  I am excited to start having my kids learn about all these great places.  Many of you added social media sites or email addresses!  This will be a wonderful way to make connections throughout the year!”

– Tracy Wiedeman (Glenbrook Elementary School)

Blog Buddies

“Maple Class Blog” from St Mary’s PS (Hampshire, UK)

Hi, my name is Nicole and for this week I am in charge of choosing “Blog Post of the Week.”  I have decided to award it to St. Mary’s Primary School in Hampshire (in the UK).

They have posted about their science unit on plants. Make sure you have a look on their blog.

You can’t leave a comment on their blog, but make sure you have a look.


Blog Buddies

A Year 2/3 class from Glenbrook Elementary School from Wisconsin (USA) has asked whether we can help with their inquiry unit they are doing on ‘communities’. They have shared a slide with us (and around 100 other schools) and have asked whether we can show them what our community looks like.

Alexis, Ariella and Hannah (3/4CA) will contribute a slide for our school very soon.

Do you have any suggestions on what the girls could include on the slide?

Blog Buddies – Animals from End to End

Project with Colegio Newlands (Argentina)

The students in 1/2KC and 1/2IC are going to begin working on an exciting project with the Year 1 boys and girls from Colegio Newlands (Argentina). They are really keen to share with us the animals that are native to Argentina and to learn about the native animals from here. 

Here is Anabella sharing information about her favourite animal.  

Remember that in Argentina they speak Spanish. So these boys and girls are doing a fantastic job to communicate to us in our language. 

Blog Buddies – Animals from End to End

Koala Exchange Student

Hi everyone, meet koala!

We’ll soon be sending koala over to a school in Argentina as an exchange student. Koala needs a name, can you help us? In the comment section below, can you give us suggestions on what the name of koala will be.

The school in Argentina will be sending us ‘Oliver’ who will be staying for a year in the 1/2 classrooms.

Mystery Location

Last week a group of 5/6 students participated in an activity called, “Mystery Location”. The team included Nicole, Tayla, Chelsea, Michael, Isla, Sebastian, Fabian, Sofia and Mercedes. For, “Mystery Location” we connected with a school from the other side of the world and had to try and guess their location.

We found Mystery Location challenging, but lots of fun. Our strategy was to begin by working out which hemisphere they were located in, then which continent and then we narrowed it down to which country. It took us a while to guess that they lived in ISRAEL! 

After they were able to guess where we lived they asked us questions about us and Australia! We really enjoyed talking to them and it was a great experience. 

We would like to thank Gali and her class. We would also like to thank Mr Cotela for all his help and encouragement and organizing this with the other school. 

Here are some pictures of Mystery Location.

Blog Buddies

Hi, my name is Fabian. This week, I am in charge of selecting a blog buddy post of the week.

I have selected “Career Day” which was on Arianna’s Blog. Arianna is from West End Memorial Elementary School in New Jersey, USA.

Arianna’s Blog



Click on the link to check it out! And don’t forget to leave a comment.

Blog Buddies

Here is our reply to our ‘Blog Buddies’ from Windsor, Canada. Thanks to Aaliyah, Alyssa, Ethan, Fabian, Lucas M and Sienna for working on this. 

Click here to view the video sent by the Year 2/3 class from St Rose Catholic Primary School in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. 


Blog Buddies

The Year 2/3s from St Rose School in Windsor, Ontario, Canada say hello and have asked us some questions.  A Year 5/6 team will reply to them very soon. However, you can also answer questions in the comments section below.