Blog Buddies

Hi, my name is Maximillion, and for this week I am so excited to share that for “Blog Buddies” Mrs. Coulon’s class blog with “Positive T-shirt Day” won! They wore T-Shirts with positive messages while they did their testing recently. Congrats to them go visit them and leave a comment on their blog (click here). 

Mrs. Coulon’s Class Blog


Blog Buddies

Hello, my name is Sebastian.

This week for Blog Buddies I looked at Calgary Catholic School District, 6 Grade Blog. I was interested in their ” Four Forces Of Flight” post. They are learning about, the Four Forces of Flight! which I discovered are lift, gravity, thrust and drag. 

Ms. Corney Grade 6 Blog (Calgary Catholic School District, Canada)

This post was appealing because they are discovering and learning about this method, using small cups, medium cups and large cups. 


Click on the link to check the blog out.

Blog Buddies

Hi my name is Michael, this week I am in charge of selecting a ‘Blog Buddy Post of the Week’.

Yr 5/6 Blog from Holy Family Catholic School In South Australia.

I have selected the Year 5/6 blog from Holy Family Catholic School in South Australia and they have been investigating optical illusions and they look amazing.

Click on the link to check it out!