Greatest Invention

Hello, my name is YAJAT and in my opinion, the greatest invention ever has got to be the COMPUTER.

Life has changed so much since computers have been introduced to human life. Computers have helped humans make their lives easier. They have become indispensable in many workplaces.

Computers have multitasking features that can minimize work. They can display and let you manipulate stored information, and they are used in almost all fields for any purpose.


Computers are the greatest invention of all time because they have become the most powerful tool ever created. They are tools of entertainment, tools of communication, and tools of education that can save you money, time and materials.

What do you think?

Greatest Invention

Hi, my name is Sebastian and I am in charge for this week’s greatest invention! And the greatest invention has to be… ART!!! I think that art is the greatest invention ever because without it life would be dull, and boring! And who wants that?!

Art lets you express your imagination and even how you may be feeling. If you are shy and don’t like to talk about your feelings, you can just paint or draw them on canvas! Art fills the world with colour and excitement!

Happy drawing St. Charles!

The Greatest Invention

Hi, My name is Sarina and I am responsible this week for nominating an invention that I think has been the greatest invention ever created!!!

The Greatest Invention has got to be light! Could you imagine the world without light? Light is a form of energy. In the dark, we only see something when light bounces off an object and shines into your eyes, which is called reflection. The sun is our biggest light source, it emits light in all directions. Everywhere we look, light is being reflected. Light lets us see clearly and makes things visible. Without light, we would live in a world with darkness and we wouldn’t see anything. All plants would die and eventually, all the animals that rely on plants for food, including us humans would die too. Life without the Sun and light would freeze all the animals and humans. Without light, our life and the environments life would be over and done. So surely Light has got to be the greatest invention ever.

 What do you think?

Could you cope without Light?

What do you think? Do you agree with me? Tell me your thought done below in the comments section? 😀

Greatest Invention!

Hi, I’m Sienna and this week I have been chosen to chose and share what I think is the greatest invention!

The greatest invention is defiantly light bulbs.

Imagine the world without light bulbs? How would we see inside our house at night?

And what about light in general, we wouldn’t be able to see anything!

Also, light bulbs are there for safety. At night, street lights let us see our surroundings.

Did you know the creator of the light bulb, Thomas Edison, tried 1,000 times until he was successful!?

Image result for light bulb cartoon

Light Bulb

What do you think? Is the light bulb the greatest invention?

Greatest Invention

Image result for water bottleHi, my name is Massimo and I’m in charge of this week’s Greatest Invention.

You might think that I’m crazy just to say this, but I’m telling you I’m not. The Greatest Invention is… the water bottle!

The water bottle is a type of plastic that holds water in it. The reason why it is the greatest invention is, you can take it wherever you please, drink from it without getting water on yourself and it is the best way of transporting water somewhere.

What do you think?

Greatest Invention

Hello Everyone,

This week I have been chosen to choose what I think is the greatest invention ever. Pizza!

Some kids like carrots and others don’t. Some kids like chips and others don’t but we can all agree that PIZZA 🍕 is delicious. I think the Greatest invention of all time has to be PIZZA 🍕 . I mean come on, who doesn’t like pizza? It’s so yummy that even adults on diets have to have one slice. 

It think pizza is the greatest invention because it is so yummy and so popular! It is super fun to make from scratch too!

What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

The Greatest Invention

Hi, my name is Oscar and I am in charge of nominating what I think is the “greatest invention” for this week.

What would the world be like without iPhones?

No contacting anyone, no knowledge of the outside world.Think about it, social media would have never been invented and there would be no entertainment what so ever. It is one of the most powerful devices the world has to offer, and over 1 billion have been produced and sold since it came on the market in 2007. It is literally a computer in your pocket, and we would all be lost if we didn’t have one in the modern world today.

What do you think? Do you agree with me?

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The Greatest Invention

The Greatest invention has got to be cars!  

Imagine the world without cars?   

You would not be able to go to work/school if they were far from home.

Travelling to other suburbs or cities would be hard. Exploring the world would be really difficult.

It would take you forever to visit your friend’s house or go to the oval to play footy.

Stop and think of how many times you travelled in a car this week.


Do you agree with me? Leave a comment and let me know.


The Greatest Invention

Hi, my name is Chelsea and I am responsible this week for nominating an invention that I think has been the greatest invention ever invented!

The Greatest Invention has got to be Electricity. Could you imagine the world without electricity? There would be no internet, no iPads and no lights. We use electricity all of the time. For example, when we turn on our phones or a light we are using electricity. Right now! As I’m typing this blog post, I am using electricity. So surely electricity is the Greatest Invention.

What do you think?

Could you cope without electricity?

Think about all of the many electrical inventions before and after our births that have changed our lives?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below.