Lego Club

Hello Everyone, we had a great turn up today at Lego Club today! Here are the top 3 creations!

Lego Club Will Be On Next Week!


This Is Alexander L (3/4) Amazing Lego Creation!

Stefan’s (Prep J) Amazing Lego Creation Called ” The Rainbow Wall”

This Is Chloe’s (3/4) And Abigail’s (Prep) Lego Creation!







Lego Club

Today at Lego Club we had a big turn out. There were 26 kids. These were the top creations for today.



This is Stefan’s creation called “The Googly Eyes”

This is Paris and Eve’s creation called “The Builders”

This is Angelo’s creation called the “Giant House”.

Lego Club

Hi everybody, we had a great turn up today thank you to everybody who came today.


Here are our top 3 creations from today:

This is Sienna B and Alexis T (both form 3/4 C) and their creation, “The car”.

This is Aston from Prep J and his creation, “Bay Blades”.

This is Mae from 3/4 C with her creation, “The House”.









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Lego Club

Hi everyone,

Here are the top 3 Lego creations made at Lego club today.


This is Mia from 3/4BM with her creation “The Masterpiece”.

This is Aaliyah and Portia from 5/6 with their creation “The House and the Red Shed.

This is Sebastian from Prep J with his creation “The Boat.



Good job on your creations boys and girls.

The next Lego club will be held next Friday at lunch time in the library.